Bestie (Bestia)

By Guillermo Calderón | Translated into German by Almut Wagner | Director Richard Wagner

  • German with Spanish subtitles
  • 9 chapters lasting between 3-9 minutes each
  • + 16

A mini-series about an office worker who is imprisoned for killing a man, written by Guillermo Calderón.

Jonas, who works in a company whose name is never revealed, is imprisoned for having killed a man. His colleagues want to give him a going-away card, but what do you wish a suspected murderer? Over the course of the chapters, though, we realize that the murder was partly justified.

Written by renowned Chilean screenwriter and director Guillermo Calderón and commissioned by the Residenztheater Munich, Bestie is a nine episode mini-series in which Calderón plays with the ups and downs of human behavior in extraordinary times. It is a simple story about morals and ethics and its format is an excellent example of how to create a new hybrid form of theater and video.

By: Guillermo Calderón | Directed by: Richard Wagner | Designer: Lisa Käppler | Costume designer: Silke Messemer | Camera and editing: Wolfgang Illmayr | Lighting: Maximilian Lapper | Commissioned by: Residenztheater Munich | Copyright: Henschel Theaterverlag, Berlin | Digitally broadcast in February 2021 by Residenztheater Munich.

Richard Wagner


Richard Wagner was born in the city of Karl-Marx - known today as Chemnitz - in what was then East Germany. He studied theater, science and philosophy in the city of Leipzig. At the same time, he took part in several performances at the Spinnwerk, a division of the Leipzig Theater. After finishing his studies, he worked as an assistant at different theaters in Germany, making his debut as a director with El sueño de un hombre ridículo by Fiódor Dostoyevski, as well as producing Grounded (Am Boden), a story about a woman with PTSD in the German city of Darmstadt. He also put on a play about the environmental crisis. His work has been heavily influenced by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the changes that came about as a result. Bestie is his first theatrical piece created exclusively for a digital format.

Guillermo Calderón


Guillermo Calderón is an actor who graduated from the University of Chile and who has worked as a director, screenwriter and playwright. He started his career with Teatro en el Blanco and the plays Neva (2006) and Diciembre (2008) and with the group La Reina de Conchalí and Clase (2008). His work is based on reinterpreting the best dramatic, literary and philosophical material in the world (from Buddhist mythology to Chekhov), initially questioning the difference between what is insisde (cultural order) and what is outside (crises). He later delved deeper into politics, esthetics and ethics in post-dictatorship Chile with Villa + Discurso (2010), Escuela (2013) and Mateluna (2016). His play B was premiered at the Royal Court Theater in 2017. His texts have been published in the bicentennial anthology Cien años de dramaturgia chilena (2010) and in the volumes Teatro I and II, which bring together his work premiered between 2006 and 2011. As a screenwriter, his collaboration on the movies Violeta se fue a los cielos (2011, by A. Wood), El club (2015, by P. Larraín), Neruda (2017, by P. Larraín) and Ema (2020, by P. Larraín) particularly stand out.

In film, he has worked on the scripts of Violeta se fue a los cielos and Araña by Andrés Wood, as well as El club, Neruda and Ema by Pablo Larraín.

Source: www.escueladeteatro.uc.cl and Guillermo Calderón.

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