Buscando a Kay Kay y Xeng Xeng Vilú

By Tryo Teatro Banda | Written and Directed by: Francisco Sánchez

  • Spanish
  • 20 minutes
  • + 5 years

The two snakes that originate the Mapuche cosmovision star in an entertaining sound fiction.

Based on the homonymous play premiered by the company in 2009, this radio drama narrates the origin of the Mapuche people. Two gigantic mythological snakes, called Kay Kay (“from the sea”) and Xeng Xeng (“from the land”) confront each other. The first tries to drown human beings due to their bad behavior, while the second intends to save them and give them another chance by raising the land. Only a small group manages to save themselves. The cosmovision alludes to the nature of the Chilean territory suffering constant earthquakes and tsunamis.

In the audio play, two minstrels narrate how they traveled to La Araucanía, in Chile, and to Neuquén, in Argentina, to listen to this story narrated in the Mapuche wise men's own voice. Now, they both recreate their experience with native musical instruments, such as the kultrún, trutruka, trompe, cascahuilla, ñolkil, wada and pifilca, as well as western instruments like violin and Chilean guitarrón.

Director: Francisco Sánchez Brkic| Performers and Musicians: Francisco Sánchez and Pablo Obreque | Sound Art Director: Braulio Martínez | Sound Designer and Mixing: Juan José Baeza/El Kilo Producciones | Recording: Baltazar Sánchez | Producer: Carolina González | A Co-Production of Fundación Teatro a Mil

Francisco Sánchez

Dramaturge and Director

The Heart and Soul of Tryo Teatro Banda

Francisco is an actor, musician, researcher, dramaturge, teacher- and director. Together with Carolina González, he founded Tryo Teatro Banda, with whom they have developed a theatrical language called "contemporary minstrelsy”, aimed to rescue the craft of the ancient minstrels, combining theater, music and literature with itinerancy. Hence, the artists narrate different episodes of Chilean history through performances with which they have toured not only their country, but also Latin America and Europe.

Tryo Teatro Banda

The company

Modern Minstrels

Tryo Teatro Banda is an independent, traveling theater company established in Santiago de Chile in 2000 with three main purposes: to create productions of Chilean authors and/or topics, to take their shows to places far away from the artistic circuits, and to combine the art of acting with literature and live music. Its main performances are La expulsión de los Jesuitas, Parlamento!, Afrochileno, La Tirana, Pedro de Valdivia: la gesta inconclusa, Cautiverio Felis (sic), La Araucana, Jemmy Button, O'Higgins, un hombre en pedazos, Tragicomedia del Ande and Foster, el observatorio del cerro Tupahue, among others.

-Because its script is the result of a deep investigation carried out by Francisco Sánchez, director and playwright of Tryo Teatro Banda, in the Chilean and Argentinean Mapuche territory. In order to reconstruct the history of the snakes, he interviewed different people who had kept the legend alive through oral tradition, which originated a performance (and now on radio theater) born "from the ground up", as Sánchez says in the prologue of his book Buscando a Kay Kay y Xeng Xeng Vilú desde la teatralidad mapuche.

-Because after productions such as Cautiverio Felis (sic) and Pedro de Valdivia, this story was the company's way of approaching Chilean history from the Mapuche cosmovision; a performance that was presented to the Mapuche community and that now, in its radio drama version, can be listend to all over Chile.


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