Directed by Layla Raña | Coproduction by Compañía Aranwa and Comedia Theater (Germany)

  • The play has no spoken text
  • 40 minutes
  • Todo público

A journey through Latin America, full of color and music, raising awareness to youngest of the family about the cycle of life.

Created for in-person and digital formats, Cyclo is a festive ritual of gratitude for the processes of life. The show - aimed at the youngest of children and their families - rescues the Latin American identity through a journey of colors, dance and live music, emphasizing the life cycles of human beings, animals and the earth. The idea is to showcase the sometimes imperceptible, yet relevant changes of cycles.

Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, along with their cultural expressions such as traditional dances, embroidery, typical costumes, instruments and music, are the protagonists of this festive ritual.

Cyclo is a tribute to fathers, mothers and nature. The underlying message conveys how our actions affect others. In addition, it shows how collaboration and care encourage the healthy development of life, often neglected due to our competitive drive.

Cast and crew

Directed by: Layla Raña Kanacri | Assistant Director: Álvaro Pizarro | Cast: Ema Pinto, Cherie Sanhueza, Álvaro Pizarro, Andrés Zará, Emilio Mansilla, José Monreal, Ignacio Andrade | Vocal Coaches: Andrés Zará and Ema Pinto | Music: Emilio Mansilla, José Monreal, Ignacio Andrade, Ema Pinto, Andrés Zará | Choreographers: Aranwa Company, Álvaro Pizarro and Layla Raña | Producers: Felipe Vásquez and Mirta Traslaviña | Co-Production: Comedia Theater, Cologne (Germany) | Costume and Prop Design and Realization: Catalina Espinoza| Set Design and Realization: Martín Montaner and Gonzalo Velozo | Lighting Design: Julio Escobar| Graphic Design: Conka Collage and Francisca Villalón| Visuals: Carlos Gonzales| Recording and Editing: Enrique Farías Bargüena | Photographic Register: NGA Photography, Enrique Farías, Claudio Milanes| Collaborators: Comedia Theater, GAM, Espacio Checoeslovaquia, Centro de Terapia del Comportamiento | Networks: Te Veo Assitej Chile, Small Size, Vincular, Red Latinoamericana de Creación Escénica para los Primeros Años, YDN (Young Dance Network)

Layla Raña


Theater As A Tool For Social Change

Layla Raña, an actress and theater pedagogue graduated from Universidad Finis Terrae specializes in corporal and vocal training both abroad and in Chile. She participated in various theatrical productions for adults and families, and has also taught various educational workshops on stage creation, aimed at strengthening the pre-school curriculum.

In 2010 she founded Aranwa, the company she has directed and with which she has promoted projects focused on performing arts for early childhood, such as En Bañador and Danzas Aladas, among others. The work of Raña and her company is characterized by the desire to generate access to their plays, touring the country from Visviri, in the extreme north, to Puerto Williams, in the extreme south.

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The company

Performing Arts for Early Childhood

Founded in 2010 by actress and theater educator Layla Raña, Arawa is one of the continent's pioneering companies in performing arts for young children. Arawa's resume includes the plays En Bañador, Floresta, Melodías en el Aire, Cada Cosa en su Lugar, Danzas Aladas and its new premiere Cyclo, a co-production with the German company, Comedia Theater.

The company has performed in theaters and kindergartens in different cities both in Chile and abroad. They have participated in festivals such as Famfest, Santiago a Mil, Cielos del Infinito, FITBA Argentina, MICSUR Brazil, FITPA Mexico, TEATRALIA Spain, Visioni Italy, IPAY Philadelphia, WOW Germany and Weefestival Canada, among others.

-Because of the attractive and didactic staging, which uses diverse elements such as pompoms and miniatures to connect with the audience. A review by the digital media El Mostrador alludes to this element as one of the characteristic features of the company: "As is traditional in Aranwa's productions, the colorful elements of the scenery are a great attraction, inviting children to play on stage once the play is over".

-Because it connects the little ones to the stage experience through entertainment and a comprehensive educational approach. Director Layla Raña mentioned in an interview with Radio Universidad de Chile: "Doing family theater is also political since it involves working with the basis of society: our children who will grow up one day. What are we giving them? what is the message? how do we generate emotions and sensations? It's not 'educational' theater, but a part of the strengthening processes of creating, shaping, and generating bonds."

-Because of the trajectory of this company, one of the national pioneers in early childhood theater.