Dans les jupes de ma mère (En las faldas de mi madre)

By Toutito Teatro | Handlers - performers: Ixchel Cuadros and Adam Baladincz

  • None
  • 25 minutes
  • + 3 años

This is a small-scale show that reflects the daily routine of a child and his first day at school or kindergarten. It is the moment when he leaves his family for the first time to venture out into a new world.

Described as a small-scale show by its creators Toutito Teatro, this piece uses visuals and mime to tell a story about the daily routine of a boy whose name remains a mystery. Based on the importance of the first day at school or kindergarten, Dans le jupes de ma mère (Behind My Mother’s Skirts) is based on a unique milestone: the first time a child leaves his family to venture out into a new world, as well as what going home after such an odyssey really means.

Cast and crew

By Toutito Teatro | Produced by: Toutito Teatro | Exteriors: Sandrine Nobileau | Performers and handlers: Ixchel Cuadros and Adam Baladincz | Creation, staging and wardrobe: Alix Lauvergeat, Marion Danlos and Rowland Buys| Music: Denis Monjanel | Lighting: Franck Bourget | Administration: Isabelle Sangleboeuf | Logistics: Noémie Cortebeeck | Publicity: Florence ChérelMYND Productions.

Toutito Teatro

The company

This company emerged as a joint project between creators Ixchel Cuadro and Sandrine Nobileau and artist Adám Baladincz. In their roles as actors and director respectively, these three artists have put their own stamp on this company, producing pieces for all the family. They have developed a blend of visual theater and mime, with the performance of the artist on stage the common thread that unites the narrative, blurring the lines between theater, dance and objects.
To date, Toutito Teatro has created Monologue d’un chien bien coiffé, Les lapins aussi trainent de casseroles and Dans le jupes de ma mère (Behind My Mother’s Skirts), among others.


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