By Germaine Acogny

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  • Approx. 45 minutes

Originated in a workshop led by the prominent Senegalese choreographer Germaine Acogny in Santiago, Discovery mixes the roots of national performers with her own ones, creating a new expressive cosmos.

Discovery will be the result of a workshop offered by the renowned Senegalese dancer and choreographer Germaine Acogny in Chile in the context of the Santiago a Mil 2022 Festival. National dancers with different backgrounds regarding dance forms, roots and landscapes will participate in this workshop.

The creation proposes to collectively develop a new expressive cosmos, merging the cultural roots of the dancers and Acogny herself.

The director seeks to generate a unique and collective expression by the connection of body and earth, in tune with the socio-political moment we are living, and the universe.

Joy, playfulness, love, and music are the philosophical pillars of Germaine Acogny's spiritual work, which explores the connection between the human being and nature.

The movements are based on everyday life and our environment; they represent animals or common human gestures. The heart of this technique is the spine; a part of the body that is constantly worked on.

Acogny’s creation is constantly fed back by each of the performers and their connection to their ancestry and history.

Idea/Creation/Direction: Germaine Acogny| Performers: Clara Racz , Elizabeth Ocaña, Carla Pía Fierro, Antonia Sandoval, Rayen Alcapán, Marcela Torres Deik, Delfina Torres, Karin Mayorinca, Ricardo Montt, Luiz Moreno Zamorano, Pancho Bagnara, Cristian Waman, Kevin Magne, Matías Chacon, Pablo Zamorano, Joshua Leyton, Javiera González, Nicole Schonffeldt, Daniela Alejandra Quiroga Melo, Lorena Marlene Rivas Ramírez, Erick Marín Valladares, Germán Antonio Larre Larre, Luis Wladimir Chaura Maldonado, Michell Fernanda Venegas Moya and Javiera Morales González | Acknowledgements: Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano

Germaine Acogny


Germaine is a dancer, choreographer and teacher, as well as the creator and director of ECOLE DES SABLES, International Center for Traditional and Contemporary African Dances in Senegal, where professional educators and dancers from Africa and around the world come together.

Germaine Acogny is known worldwide for her work in the universe of dance, where she has set a line that highlights intersectionality. Influenced by her native Senegal, by the dances inherited from her grandmother, a Yoruba priestess, as well as by Western dance, Acogny seeks to enhance the roots and cultural heritage behind each performer through collective creation.

Germaine Acogny's technique is the only contemporary dance technique created in Africa that has been globally codified and recognized. It is based on traditional African dance - especially that of Senegal and Benin -, and on Western contemporary dance techniques like classical dance, contraction and release by Graham, etc.

Acogny contributes to the re-contextualization of traditional African dance in today's world, where the body is conceived as a whole being and is made available for enjoyment and work, to be simultaneously healthy, present and vital. The technique respects each body as different and unique.


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