El Arca

Original idea by Peter Shub and Matute Álvarez | Written by Mariana Muñoz | Directed by Martín Erazo

  • Spanish
  • 40 minutes
  • +7 years

Warning *Please note: once the show has begun, it is not possible to leave or enter the ark.

A journey full of color and laughter on board El Arca: a theater-boat that aims to save humanity from an imminent flood.

Just like what happened to Noah in the Bible, the world is about to be flooded again. Matute Álvarez and Teatro El Arca invite us all to sail away together on an extraordinary boat, escaping the impending disaster and resettling somewhere else.

Adults, children and families make up the crew of this vessel, built by the sheer hard work of Matute, a clown who is a jack of all trades.

Destiny calls! All we have to do is follow this ark and the remarkable playfulness, ingenuity, tenderness, laughter and emotion it leaves in its wake.

Original idea by: Peter Shub and Matute Álvarez | Directed by: Martín Erazo | Performed by: Matute Álvarez | Script by: Mariana Muñoz, Martín Erazo and Matute Álvarez | Written by: Mariana Muñoz | El Arca designed and built by: Matute Álvarez | Technician: Diego Bravo | Graphics: Rodolfo Jofre | Executive producer and manager: Xavier Pacheco.

Martín Erazo


This artistic director and scriptwriter for the company La Patogallina was nominated for an Altazor Award for the play El húsar de la muerte, which has toured Europe, Latin America and India. He has worked on different projects as a producer and audiovisual scriptwriter. He directed the documentary Guerrero invisible, which was shown at the Guadalajara International Film Festival and co-created and wrote the award-winning animated short film BESTIA. He is confounder and codirector of Teatro del Sonido and has taken part in festivals in France, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, India, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.


The clown

Comedian Omar Álvarez performs as a clown, a character he created more than ten years ago when he was studying at the Teatro La Mancha. Matute is easy to understand, charismatic, jokey and a virtuoso whose onstage persona has matured through improvising on stages both in Chile and abroad. His comedy routines and theater performances avoid words as such, with him using a mixture of sounds - as well as objects and gestures - to make himself understood.

Mariana Muñoz


This actress, director, teacher and singer has been influenced by her work with maestros such as Andrés Pérez Araya, Andrés del Bosque and Juan Radrigán. As a director, she is known for her research into the crossover between theater, music, popular culture and humor. Among the plays she has directed, Amores de Cantina by Juan Radrigán, the musical concert for theater De la Pérgola a la Negra, the virtual production Preguntas Frecuentes by Nona Fernández and the street theater piece she wrote called La Pichintún particularly stand out. She is currently director of the musical theater project Cancionero Dramático.


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