El viaje sin huella

Directed by Gabriela Bravo Torres | A Terko Teatro production

  • Spanish
  • 45 minutes
  • + 3 años

Inspired by the journey of Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg across the Atlantic Ocean, this play shows how small actions can help curb climate change.

The two elements that inspired El viaje sin huella are the urgency to curb climate change in pursuit of a greener future and the activism of the young Swedish Greta Thunberg, with her zero emissions journey across the Atlantic Ocean. This dance performance for families celebrates the introverted, curious, sensitive and intrepid children who venture onto new paths on their own, in order to create new possible worlds.

Premiered in October 2021, the production by the Terko Teatro company seeks to raise awareness about the current delicate climate situation. It transmits a message of hope and empowerment to audiences from the age of 3 up, through the story of the iconic environmental activist. The underlying idea is that small actions can help curb climate change.

Cast and crew

Direction and Choreography: Gabriela Bravo Torres | Assistant Director: Nelson Álvarez | Performers/Creators: Jorge Carrasco and Daniela Guajardo | Original Music: Francisco Pinilla | Doll: Marcela Olate | Costumes: Revestirlo | Lighting Design: Nelson Álvarez | Photography: Daniel Corvillón | Management: Fogata Cultura

Terko Teatro

The company

Founded in 2013 by Nelson Álvarez and Gabriela Bravo, Terko Teatro focuses on the creation of plays for children. The creators are experimenting in a socially sensitive and modern theater that propitiates a meeting place for families.

El viaje sin huella is the first dance research carried out by the company. The staging is presented based on a scenic experimentation in video dance format that was selected for the digital call of GAM 2020 and the artistic residency at Centro Cultural AnandaMapu 2021.


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