By Circo Balance

  • Español
  • 70 minutes
  • Todo público

Remarkable floor-based acrobatics, aerial silks and acrobatic dance make this a gravity-defying show and a unique Chilean circus experience.

On a suspended platform 25 meters square, eight acrobats and circus artists use their considerable physical and artistic skills to tell the story of Sofía, a woman who goes on a deep inner journey. Her pain, relationships, happiness and the conflicts she has experienced throughout her life are represented in a production full of technical skill, difficulty, intensity and risk. Over their history spanning more than 15 years, Circo Balance has worked tirelessly to strengthen the circus arts and street theater. With five productions to date, this group of artists continues to create and train at the Aerial Arts Center (CAA), a unique Chilean project founded by the company itself in 2012, which is today housed in the grounds of the Aldea del Encuentro in the La Reina neighborhood.

Circo Balance

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