K To Go (App)

By Nadine Jessen & Sirwan Ali|Produced by Kampnagel Hamburg

  • Spanish
  • Running time: Depends on the viewer
  • Todo público

Performing arts and augmented reality merge in an interactive app that brings theater, dance, and performance to your fingertips.

During the long months of confinement due to coronavirus, the noble habit of walking became our only activity of stimulation and pleasure. What could have been more obvious than to turn this action into a cultural phenomenon? The K To Go App transforms your smartphone into a mobile stage of augmented reality where performers will merge with the environment, transmitting a theatrical experience that feels almost analogous.

How does it work? Download the app and the different tours available to your phone. Once on tour, the app's graphics will be pointing out the places where you can access the play. Hold your camera on the displayed image and the video will start automatically. All available performances were developed by international artists exclusively for this app.

Idea and Artistic Concept: Nadine Jessen| Technical Concept and Development: Sirwan Ali | Production: Kampnagel

Nadine Jessen


Born in 1974, she has been working since 2007 as a dramaturg and curator at the distinguished Kampnagel theater in Hamburg, Germany. In 2011 she founded the label Voodoo Chanel, and in 2012, she became part of the teaching staff at the Hafen City University in Hamburg (Chair of Urban Design), as well as at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Critical Studies). She has collaborated in performances of the French-German theater group Gintersdorfer / Klaßen and is a member of the German performance collective Dolce After Ghana.



International theater presenting and producing contemporary performing arts, as well as concerts, lectures and a variety of different festivals and thematic approaches. With six stages, it is known as one of the largest independent production venues in Germany. Kampnagel is a productive idea laboratory, a think tank and an open place for social debates that aim to process the reality of art.

"A mix of performance treasure hunt and a semi-digital adventure trail."

Concerti.de (Germany)

–Because of its innovative approach that leads the participant to witness how the scenic world and its surroundings merge through augmented reality. This means a whole new experience regarding the performing arts, as reported by the German media DIE ZEIT, in a story describing K To Go: "Is this interaction a kind of physical co-presence? That is currently not possible, but it is an essential prerequisite for the live experience of a theatrical performance. That constellation which -to put it in the words of theater scholar Erika Fischer-Lichte- 'generates the common and shared presence of actors and audience in the here and now'."

-Because Kampnagel, one of the largest independent performing arts production companies in Europe, has positioned itself as a pioneer in proposing, experimenting and integrating new languages. Kampnagel occupies multiple platforms and stays at the forefront with its creative laboratories and debates on the role of art in society, as stated on its website.

Augmented reality: A concept used to refer to the ability of certain technological devices (such as smartphones) to reflect and interfere with the users’ perception of their environment. It is interactive, in real time and combines reality with virtuality using 3D figures.

– You can download the K ToGo App on any smartphone by accessing Google Play Store or App Store.

– Watch a video of the K To Go experience here


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