La danza de la Asunción

By Ensamble Extremo Sur and Libertaria

  • Spanish
  • 30 minutes
  • + 15 años

Live music and dance creation that talks about abandonment, inspired by the book Chiloé, Cielos Cubiertos.

La Danza de la Asunción is inspired by the book of the dramaturge María Asunción Requena, Chiloé, Cielos Cubiertos. The play takes elements from it to build a new imaginary: the abandonment, from the historical perspective of those marginalized and oppressed at the times of colonization in Patagonia. Those experiences merge with the experiences of the creators themselves, regarding their permanent feeling of having to abandon their territory.

The piece can be understood as a transposition of a literary work to the scenic language, using these key concepts: marginality, the oppressed, the unconsidered, and abandonment.

The creation mixes live classical music and contemporary dance, inviting the audience to an immersive stage experience. Structurally, La Danza de la Asunción is divided into 10 acts, each with the aforementioned work and its narrative as a common thread.

By Ensamble Extremo Sur and Libertaria | Collective Direction and Dramaturgy | Performers: Karina Contreras (piano), Javier Contreras (guitar), Karen Reumay (contemporary dance) and Iván Antigual (contemporary dance) | Costume Designer and Producer: Patricia Miranda | Lighting Designer and Operator: Flavio Carvajal

Ensamble Extremo Sur

Karina Contreras is a composer and pianist born in Punta Arenas. As a performer, she won the International Classical Piano Competition in Patagonia on two consecutive occasions. In 2014, she received the first prize at the Festival Internacional Folclórico de la Patagonia. She also is the winner of the 4th Ibermúsicas composition contest, which rewards one artist per country. Javiera has recorded two albums, Viaje de Sur a Norte and Arco de Choque. She actively participates in Ensamble Extremo Sur.

Javier Contreras is a composer whose works have been performed by orchestras and choirs in several different countries. He won various international composition competitions: Boston Guitar Fest (Boston); Lisker Music Foundation (Chicago); Black Cedar Inaugural Commissioning Competition (San Francisco); International Guitar Festival Rust (Austria). As a performer, he has played concerts in Europe, Asia, the United States and South America, and also won the Liliana Pérez Corey National Classical Guitar Competition (Santiago) and the Miguel Llovet Competition (Barcelona).


Karen Reumay is a scenic dance artist with training in Chile and Argentina, interested in creation, performance work and scenic experimentation. She is currently a member of the Ballet Municipal Teatro José Bohr. She also directs the elderly group Memorias en Movimiento and teaches at the University of Punta Arenas. Furthermore, she is a certified dance therapist and holds a degree in Psychology.

Iván Antigual is a scenic artist with professional training in classical and contemporary dance. He currently directs the Ballet Municipal Teatro José Bohr, in Punta Arenas. He is a Social Work student, and therefore personally interested in linking artistic and cultural aspects to social work.

—Because it is based on a play by the dramaturge María Asunción Requena and hence a good way to learn more about this author who lived her early childhood in Punta Arenas. She is part of the 50's Generation, and her work is characterized by "a strong social commitment (...) and a predominant interest in historical and traditional recovery, shared with authors such as Isidora Aguirre and Luis Alberto Heiremans." (Source: www.memoriachilena.gob.cl).

—Because La Danza de la Asunción invites the spectator to live an immersive experience, mixing live music and dance.

Chiloé, cielos cubiertos (Chiloé, Cloudy Skies) by María Asunción Requena is perhaps the author’s most poetic work. It has been taken to the stage several times, especially by companies from the south of Chile. It premiered in 1972 at the Antonio Varas Theater in Santiago, with the musical composition of Luis Advis and the collaboration of folklorist Margot Loyola. At that time, the creation was recognized both by the public and by critics, for its beautiful way to represent the traditions of the southern region and the universality of the depicted conflicts.

Source: www.memoriachilena.gob.cl



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