La edad de la tierra

By Colectivo Inhabitado

  • Spanish
  • 80 minutes
  • + 14 years

Warning La obra usa humo en su puesta en escena.

A woman, who is accused of witchcraft and as a consequence locked inside a cave, goes over her collected wisdom in order to free herself.

La Edad de la Tierra tells the story of a woman trapped in an underground cave due to a powerful spell. In the past, she used to live with her mother, her sister and a small tribe in the midst of a deep forest. They lived in harmony and shared their ancient knowledge with other tribes. However, one day settlers and missionaries arrived to conquer the tiny villages.

The woman’s family and tribe were executed for their rebellion and use of occultism. Grief-stricken, she set fire to the missionaries' chapel while they were celebrating mass. The only missionary who managed to escape chased her to an underground lair she had used since she was a child. There, he used dark magic to seal the lair shut and imprison her for eternity.

During her captivity, she dreams of one day being free again, until something unexpected happened: a strange human-shaped plant appears in the center of the cavern.

By Colectivo Inhabitado | Dramaturge and Director: Jorge Lagos | Actors: Nicole Muster and Francisco González | Set Designer: Darío Escobar | Sound / Lighting Designer: José Jiménez | Costume and Textile Designer: Francisco Rodríguez | Technical Operator: Mario González | Technical Assistants: Francisca Vásquez and Matías M. Cifuentes

Jorge Lagos


Jorge Lagos is a sociocultural anthropologist and has worked as a theater actor and director since 2005 with the company Colectivo Inhabitado in Cañete, Biobío. He was part of the Teatrhoy company in Concepción, collectively creating the plays La Chilena, Mano a Mano and Montaña.

Jorge’s research in theater has led him to using it as a pedagogical tool in artistic workshops for indigenous children, young students and adults when teaching classes in rural schools and high schools in Cañete, Tirúa and Contulmo, the main Mapuche territories in Chile. As a member of Colectivo Inhabitado, he has premiered several plays, including Las Criadas and Lawen, la Visión de Janekeo, both written by himself.

©Mario González

Colectivo Inhabitado

The company

Colectivo Inhabitado started in 2005, in Cañete, in the southern Biobío region. Since its first theatrical premiere with La Bruma, the collective has put on stage a total of 12 plays, including La Espera, Las Criadas, Pensar con la Cabeza de Otro and Lawen, la Visión de Janekeo. They explore unconventional venues like school gymnasiums, private homes and bars when carrying out their productions.

La Edad de la Tierra, their latest play, is written and directed by Jorge Lagos, starring Nicole Muster and Francisco González.

—Because this play addresses universal problems such as the shaping of identity, the ethnocide of native cultures and the importance of self-determination. The indigenous imaginary proposed in the work belongs to different native cultures and allows us to learn more about them.

—Because the creation takes the arrival of the Catholic religion in Latin America as a historical reference, particularly the research undertaken by the Chilean anthropologist Sonia Montecinos in her book Brujas y Hechiceras, itos de vida y muerte, about the trials against women linked to the so-called occultism, or witchcraft.

—Because the creative process of La Edad de la Tierra addresses the concept of magical realism, understood as the literary genre born in Latin America in which magic (or the unbelievable) disrupts everyday life as a manifestation of a non-conventional identity, close to an intangible heritage, shamanism and supernatural stories.



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