La masculinidad no es propiedad de los "hombres"

Directed by Ernesto Orellana G. | Created and produced by Teatro SUR | Coproduced by Theater X.

  • Spanish
  • 14 minutes
  • Todo público

This video performance questions our idea of masculinity, using dissidents and groups to give it new meaning.

This South American audiovisual piece, directed by Ernesto Orellana for the Teatro SUR performing arts platform, was created during April and May 2021, right in the middle of the pandemic. This group video performance was created by “my trans, non-binary, gay and lesbian mates, and calls on them to share their affection, experiences, memories, archives and spells”, says the director about the creation.

The journey through the masculinities in this group, as well as through the resistance to the sex-genders automatically assigned by heterosexual political regimes, is expressed though dissident, ambiguous and minority masculinities “that confront a dominant masculinity and the established order that represses, punishes and kills them”, says Ernesto Orellana.

“We’re infected by what distracts us, because our dissent is like tentacles and we want to carry on being part of a group”, he says about La masculinidad no es propiedad de los hombres.

Directed by: Ernesto Orellana| Audiovisual editor: Wincy Oyarce | Performers: Ernesto Orellana, Maximiliano Pilar Naturali, Antonin Bernal and Ymar Fuentes.

(c) Paz Errázuriz

Ernesto Orellana G


Ernesto Orellana is a self-described ‘anti-disciplinary’ dramatist and founder of the Teatro Sur platform who has studied acting, directing, playwriting, contemporary dance, audiovisual narrative, the semiotics of culture, critical cultural studies and queer theory. A sex dissident activist and former member of the University Group for Sexual Dissidence (CUDS in Spanish), he has directed Cuerpos para Odiar, Orgiología and Demasiada Libertad Sexual les convertirá en Terroristas, among others. His plays have been performed in Chile, Germany, the United States, Cuba and Spain.

Teatro SUR

The company

A performing arts platform

Founded in 2011 when student movements were starting to be recognized, Teatro SUR has created different theatrical pieces that deal with the cultural transformations the country has gone through. Teatro SUR focuses on political imagination, counter-cultural resistance and the struggles of sex dissidents. Their pieces include Los Justos, Decir SI, Inútiles and Invasión.


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