La profesora

A project of Fundación Cultural La Agencia | Written and directed by Ronald Heim

  • Spanish
  • 26 minutes
  • + 12 years

A teacher raises her voice to portray the wear and tear of teachers during the pandemic.

The distinguished Minister is desperately trying to reestablish a sense of normalcy. For this reason, he has given the instruction to return to school in the so-called mixed modality: half in-person, half online. Against this scenario, a young elementary school teacher (interpreted by actress Carolina Arredondo) stars in a hilarious -and desperate- monologue that portrays the immense task and the wear and tear that hundreds of teachers are facing in this pandemic.

"Just like teachers, artists have had to adapt and search a different way to do their work, which essentially depends on human connections and presence. Recording the monologue turned out to be a very similar experience to that of teaching a hybrid class; a half scenic, half audiovisual experiment, which allowed us to reflect on the multiple difficulties faced by teachers even before the pandemic: job burnout and adverse working conditions," says director Ronald Heim.

Dramaturge/Director: Ronald Heim | Actress: Carolina Arredondo | Audiovisual Producer: Danilo Campos | Producer: Alessandra Massardo | A Project of Fundación Cultural La Agencia

©Danilo Campos

Ronald Heim


Incorporating audiovisual language into theater

Ronald is a theater director and playwright, with a postgraduate degree in Scriptwriting. He graduated from the Theater School of the Universidad Mayor as an actor but has developed mainly as a director and playwright in works such as Parir (2009), Plomo (2010), Llegar (2011), Partir (2013), Antígona (2015) and El hombre de arena (2016), among others. The need to create and sustain contemporary research led him to get involved with new formats, particularly the audiovisual language. That is why he perfected as a screenwriter at the Universidad Católica de Chile. He is a jury member in different national and international competitions, such as the XVI Muestra de Dramaturgia Nacional, the Lebu International Film Festival and the Santiago a Mil International Festival.

-Because it is a reflection on the difficult and precarious reality of education in Chile, before and during the pandemic, and especially the hard work of teachers during this health crisis.

-Because its protagonist, actress Carolina Arredondo, manages to create an extraordinary empathy with the audience, portraying with humor and despair (perhaps in the purest style of the theater of the absurd) the wear and tear that hundreds of teachers have experienced nationwide during the pandemic.

Theatrical monologue: speech presented by a single character, most of the time to express their thoughts aloud, although sometimes also to address another character or the audience directly. The term comes from Greek monos (alone, solitary) and lógos (speech). From the point of view of the characters, it allows them to illuminate the lyrical expression of a feeling.

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