Memorias en movimiento: las danzas infinitas

By The Memorias en movimiento Company | Directed by Karen Reumay San Martín

  • Spanish
  • 12 minutes
  • Todo público

A group of senior dancers demonstrate that the nightfall is not the end, but the beginning.

Memorias en Movimiento is a dance piece starring a group of elderly people. It shows us the infinite of the human being and the endlessness of its capabilities. It tells us that the decline is not the end, but the beginning, and declares old age as an art in itself.

Directed by the artist Karen Reumay, the cast of this play is made up of men and women belonging to different elderly homes in the Magallanes Region.

General Direction: Karen Reumay San Martín | Production: Iván Antigual Díaz | Audiovisual Direction, Editing and Post Production: Cristian Valle Celedón | Photographic Register: Patricia Miranda Arévalo | Costume Design and Production: Saeba Diseño (Patricia Miranda Arévalo) | Costume Assistant: Belén Ampuero Cheuquel | Digital Diffusion and Graphics: Felipe Almendras González | Cast: Fidelina Ojeda, Raquel Cárdenas, Vito Díaz, Custodio Velásquez, Gladys Otárola, Marta Andrade, Gloria Catepillán, Nora Cornejo, Teresa Meneces, María Oyarzún, Arturo Maturana, Enedina Alvarado, Mary Cvietkovic

(c) Sergio González Araya

Karen Reumay


Experimentation with different aspects of dance

Karen is a scenic dance artist, with a deep interest in creation, interpretation and scenic experimentation. She is a dance therapist trained in Chile and Argentina and holds a degree in Psychology. Currently, Karen is part of the team of the Ballet Municipal Teatro José Bohr, directs the Memorias en Movimiento company of adults and seniors and teaches at the Punta Arenas university.

Memorias en movimiento

The company

Dance as a Healing Process

The company is composed of 13 seniors of ages ranging from 70 to 88, who are investigating movement, departing from the use of contemporary dance and body expression. They have been working together since 2019, under the wing of the Centro Referencial para el Adulto Mayor in Punta Arenas, Magallanes Region. None of the participants had previous experience in movement; moreover, several have mobility difficulties due to different pathologies. All of them have shown a significant improvement after systematically performing the practice of dance.

-Because it proposes to reconsider old age as a new beginning, along with questioning the concept that old people can’t have new beginnings.

-Because of the great authenticity and energy of the performers who are just themselves, without makeup or any other props that might lead them to create a character. In addition, the costume design and symbologies generate continuity, telling their own story.

Videodance: genre that arises from the experimentation between dance and image capturing. It dates back to the emergence of video art and the beginnings of cinema, and its evolution runs parallel throughout history. It should be emphasized that these are not video recordings of a dance, but rather dance and camera establishing a symbiotic relationship. In such performances, the choreography process typically exists only on film or video. “Neither dance nor the means of manifesting it are at the service of each other. They are partners or collaborators in the creation of a hybrid form", as defined by American filmmaker and theorist Douglas Rosemberg.

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