Mentes Salvajes

By Marcus Lindeen | Directed by Víctor Carrasco | A Teatro de la Palabra production

  • Spanish
  • 50 minutes
  • + 16

Directed by Víctor Carrasco, this creation looks deeper into the daydreams that lead people to imagine a remote but also completely possible double life.

Five characters suffering from a condition called ‘excessive daydreaming’ come together to talk about the fantasies they have been creating daily over the years. They tell stories about the constant daydreams that keep them awake and which cause them to lead a kind of double life.

Nelson dreams that he is a famous gay singer and actor. Ana is Jaime, a former scriptwriter aged 92. Sandra’s imaginary world is a magical place where she is a heroine with superpowers. Deborah is Kevin, a dangerous drug dealer and Andrés’ daydream involves the daughter he never had.

This script is based on real life stories collected by Marcus Lindeen (Los Arrepentidos) from a group of people with this condition. It portrays the inner worlds in which these characters find both satisfaction and anguish.

Directed by: Víctor Carrasco | Written by: Marcus Lindeen | Translated by: Constanza Brieba | Cast: Paulina Urrutia, Héctor Noguera, Francisca Gavilán, Natalia Valdebenito and Pedro Campos | Lighting design: Rodrigo Bazaes| Original score: Fernando Milagros | Produced by: Loreto Araya | Technician: Martín Navarro

Víctor Carrasco


With a career spanning more than 30 years, Víctor Carrasco is well-known in Chilean theater circles both for his imposing stage presence and for writing the scripts of highly successful television series. Some of his most outstanding theater pieces have been De noche justo antes de los bosques, La herencia, La amante fascista, Hedda Gabler and Las tres hermanas. Carrasco has recently been working on his third collaboration with Marcus Lindeen called La aventura invisible, premiered in October 2022.

Marcus Lindeen


This Swedish artist, writer and director is famous for his work as a filmmaker and playwright. In fact, his movie The Raft, shot at the Pompidou Center in France in 2017, won the top award at the CPH: DOX Festival in Denmark. Among his most outstanding theatrical plays are Los arrepentidos and Mentes salvajes, among others.


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