By Compañía de Teatro Universidad de Antofagasta | Written and directed by Raúl Rocco

  • Spanish
  • 65 minutes
  • + 14 years

In the midst of the pandemic, the sons of Panzer, a retired military man in his old age, must decide who will take care of the patriarch, a man with dark secrets. 

The past takes its toll on a family whose patriarchal figure is a retired military man, nicknamed Panzer, with a dark past. Ambition, misery, envy, prejudice, ideals and madness confront each other in the midst of the pandemic, alerting us to a disturbing new way of interacting. 

Panzer, written and directed by Raúl Rocco, and starring the renowned actor Ángel Lattus, was selected to be performed as part of Santiago and Antof a Mil 2022 by the Teatro a Mil’s national theater jury. 

Cast and crew

Direction and Dramaturgy: Raúl Rocco Rojas | Cast: Gimena Cancino Del Canto, Jorge González Troncoso, Ángel Lattus Vodanovic, Raúl Rocco Rojas, Verónica Torres Díaz | Art Direction: Guillermo Cortés Sánchez | Audiovisual Creation and Production: Francisco Aguirre Carvajal | Sound Design: Claudio Ortiz Chiang | Advertising Graphic Design: Guillermo Cortés Sánchez | In charge of streaming: Francisco Aguirre Carvajal | Audio Technician: Claudio Ortiz Chiang | Sound Designer: Lorena Quezada Araya | Administrative Assistant: Pilar Toro Higueras | Initial Musicalization: Raúl Mondaca

(c) Compañía de Teatro Universidad de Antofagasta

Raúl Rocco

Playwright and Director

An emblem of northern theater

In 1979, Rául Rocco became part the cast of the Teatro de la Universidad de Antofagasta company, for the first time as a guest. There, he was trained as an actor by Ángel Lattus and Teresa Ramos. He became part of the professional cast in 1985, having participated until today in almost all of the productions, also dabbling in dramaturgy and stage direction. He has also worked in film and television. Among the productions he has written and/or directed for the company are El galán atolondrado (1996), Soloman (2007), Comegato (2008), El coordinador, by Benjamín Galemiri (2014) and Panzer (2021), among others. Since 2014 he has been director of the Teatro de la Universidad de Antofagasta company. 

Compañía de Teatro de la Universidad de Antofagasta

The company

Almost six decades of national and international trajectory

The company was founded in 1962 by Pedro de la Barra under the name Teatro Del Desierto. In 1964, it was renamed Compañía de Teatro de la Universidad de Chile sede Antofagasta. In 1981, when the headquarters of the Universidad de Chile merged with the headquarters of the Universidad Técnica de Estado, the Universidad de Antofagasta was born, so the group changed its name again, and, since then, it has been known as Compañía de Teatro de la Universidad de Antofagasta. Nowadays it is recognized as the only professional university theater company between Arica and Santiago. With 59 years of national and international trajectory, and more than 120 productions premiered, it is recognized both inside and outside Chile, which is reflected in their invitation to different festivals such as FITZA, FITAM, FETEF, Temporales Teatrales, Lluvias de Teatro, FITDANZ, and others in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay. The company is directed by Raúl Rocco Rojas. 

-Because it is a play that illustrates the remainders of a near and still painful past: the present of dozens of military personnel who participated in the crimes committed during the dictatorship and who have not been prosecuted by the justice. A situation that, causes divisions even within families. 

-Because the theater company of the Universidad de Antofagasta is one of the oldest and longest-running theatrical groups in Chile, with presence in several international festivals, and because it stays at the forefront of artistic practices in northern Chile. 

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