By Tryo Teatro Banda | Directed by Andrés del Bosque

  • Spanish
  • 70 minutes
  • + 14 years

The 1641 Quilín Parliament, when Mapuches and Spaniards held talks to reach a peace agreement, is brought back to life by Tryo Teatro Banda.

¡Parlamento! is a production that emerged because of the need to tell the story of the Quilín Parliament convened in 1641, when thousands of Mapuches and Spaniards held talks to reach a peace agreement to end the Arauco War. All of a minstrel’s tools, as well as music, pantomime, humor and objects, are put at the disposal of Francisco Sánchez, so he can portray the different characters in this story and establish a rapport with the audience. This acclaimed performance by renowned company Tryo Teatro Banda brings this historical milestone into the present, reminding us of the importance of communication as the only way to cohabit and share the world we live in.

Company: Tryo Teatro Banda | Written by: Francisco Sánchez | Directed by: Andrés Del Bosque | Assistant director: José Araya | Actor and onstage musician: Francisco Sánchez | Set, costume and lighting design: Gabriela González | Lighting: Tomás Urra | Sound: Mauricio Molina | Graphics: Liza Retamal | Produced by: Carolina González | Coproduced by: Tryo Teatro Banda and the Teatro a Mil Foundation| With financing from a national Fondart grant from the Ministry of Culture, the Arts and Heritage.

Francisco Sánchez

Playwright and director

At the heart of Tryo Teatro Banda

This actor, musician, researcher, playwright, teacher and director founded Tryo Teatro Banda with Carolina González. They developed a theatrical style they call ‘contemporary minstrels’, bringing back the art of the minstrels of old by combining theater, music and literature in a nomadic format to tell the story of different moments in Chile’s history. Their shows have toured Chile, as well as Latin America and Europe.

Tryo Teatro Banda

The company

Modern minstrels

This independent and nomadic theater company started out in Santiago de Chile in the year 2000 with three main aims: to put on productions by Chilean playwrights or about Chilean issues, to take their plays to places that are not normally on the artistic circuit and to combine the art of acting with literature and live music. Their plays include La expulsión de los Jesuitas, ¡Parlamento!, Afrochileno, La Tirana, Pedro de Valdivia: la gesta inconclusa, Cautiverio Felis (sic), La Araucana, Jemmy Button, O´Higgins, un hombre en pedazos, Tragicomedia del Ande and Foster, el observatorio del cerro Tupahue.

“The play is a demonstration of theatrical skill; it’s a story that deals with what today is a crucial issue in our country”.

Agustín Letelier, El Guillatún

—Take a look at Carolina González and Francisco Sánchez’ interview with Tiempo de Escena, where they talk about their post-pandemic projects.




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