Pedro y el lobo, live + Relatos de nuestros pueblos en arpilleras

Concert for Families

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Warning *The show is divided in two parts without an interval

A series of Chilean myths, narrated and set to music, exploring the origin of quinoa and the history of the ghost boat Caleuche.


By Claudia Castora
Music by Miguel Ángel Castro
Duration: 20 minutes

The series reviews the mythology of our country. Produced and narrated by Claudia Castora, the music for the two chapters presented is composed by the national director Miguel Ángel Castro.

The first one, entitled El origen de la Quínoa, tells the story of a shepherd who obtains a precious gift from the stars.

The second one tells the story of El Caleuche, a sinister ghost ship that shipwrecks fishermen on full moon nights.


By Sergei Prokofiev
Directed by Pedro Pablo Prudencio
Production: Fundación Teatro a Mil
Running time: 40 minutes

Screening of the Oscar®-winner for Best Animated Short Film in 2008, Peter & the Wolf Live, featuring a live orchestra. The screenplay, an original by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev, tells the story of a restless and curious boy who manages to overcome threatening dangers with the help of his animal friends.

The classic play is presented by the renowned national conductor Pedro Pablo Prudencio, together with the Orquesta Juvenil de Pudahuel and under the musical assistance of Miguel Ángel Castro. Each character of the play is represented by a different orchestral instrument.

The show, commissioned and produced by Fundación Teatro a Mil, is open to the community. It seeks to generate links between great international artists and young talents.

Credits Relatos de nuestros pueblos en arpilleras

Producer and Narrator: Claudia Castora | Musical Background: Miguel Ángel Castro | Violins: Jorge Martínez Carrasco, Ana Paola Chantaing Pacheco, Elena Espinoza San Cristóbal, Vicente Lillo Villalobos, Dalet Sáez Rosales, Daniela Catalina Rojas Retamales, Matías Riquelme Maluenda, Belén Andrea Miranda Poblete, Fredy Niel Flores Alarcón, Antonia Ignacia Lobos Morales, Consuelo Villela, Ignacio Casas |Violas: Valentina Elena Zapata Lara, Leonardo Huenubil Cariqueo, María Valeria Ruiz Rossell |Cellos: Valeria Núñez Urrutia, Luz Villavicencio Ureta, Fernando Vergara Retamales, Camila Sanz Suárez, María Victoria Ruiz Rossell | Double Basses: Cristóbal Ignacio Antileo Moyano, Constanza Soto Poblete | Flute: Samuel Isai Lemuñir Gonzales | Oboe: TO CONFIRM | Saxophone: Sabina Toledo Calderón | Bassoon: Christian Eduardo Garcias Chirino | Trumpets: Diego Ignacio Rojas Retamales, Gaspar Efrein Villavicencio Ureta | Percussions: Anaís Carolina Zapata, Nicolás Leyton | Guitar: Manuel Macías Benavides

Credits Pedro y el lobo, live

Conductor: Pedro Pablo Prudencio | Conductor Orquesta Juvenil de Pudahuel: Miguel Ángel Castro | Violins I: Hilke Orth, Cristopher Sanzana, Azael Cruz Arias, Carla San Martín, Guillermo Vicencio, Juan Pablo Castro Tapia| Violins II: Anay Lobos Cárdenas, Claudia Herrera, Asmadel Cruz Arias, Dalia Calvil | Violas: Tamara Molina, Laura Silvia Suau Radovcic, María Alejandra Pizarro Díaz, Carol Basoalto Valladares | Cellos: Mariana Gutiérrez Viveros, Arturo Cabellos, Francisco Martínez Carrasco, Sebastián Fierro | Double Basses: Juan Jose Herreras Díaz, Benjamín Chávez | Flute: Franco Inostroza Medel | Oboe: XCONFIRM | Clarinet: Rodrigo Araya Araya | Bassoon: Francisco Tomás Jara Gómez | Trumpet: Claudio Cesar Anais Rodríguez | Horns: Sebastián Lizana Erazo, Rony Alexis Sepulveda Sepulveda, XCONFIRM | Trombone: Dominique Arenas Ibáñez | Percussion: Marcelo Stuardo Orrego, Vania Calvil |Produced by: Fundación Teatro a Mil | Original composition: Sergei Prokofiev | With the support of Intermusica Artist Management and Barry Editorial

Pedro Pablo Prudencio


Pedro Pablo is an orchestra conductor. He studied at the Hannover School of Music (Germany), and has worked with great artists such as Leo Nucci, Mariana Pizzolato, Carlo Guelfi, Pietro Spagnoli and Cornelius Meister, among others. Since his return to Chile, he has conducted the main national orchestras, including the Filarmónica de Santiago, Sinfónica de Chile, Sinfónica de la Universidad de Concepción, Sinfónica Nacional Juvenil, Clásica de la Universidad de Santiago, as well as the Orquesta de Cámara de Chile and the Orquesta de Cámara de Valdivia.

Miguel Ángel Castro

Assistant Conductor

Miguel Ángel is a Chilean conductor and composer. He studied Conducting led by the renowned artist Juan Pablo Izquierdo and is currently training with Pedro Pablo Prudencio for his Master’s degree in Music Performance at the Universidad de Chile. He graduated in 2011, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition of the Faculty of Arts at the Universidad de Chile. At age 28, he became one of the youngest teachers of the university, where he is currently a professor at the Faculty of Arts, as well as the director of the Orquesta Juvenil de Pudahuel.

Claudia Castora

Oral Storyteller and Textile Artist

Claudia is trained at the Storytelling School of Fundación Mustakis. She has specialized in the promotion of reading, poetic folklore, children's literature, scenic techniques, background music, table theater and textile art (woven paintings called “arpilleras” in Chile). She has participated in international festivals in Buga, Colombia, Argentina, Honduras, Brazil, Chia, and Roatan Island. Her textile stories are the result of an experimentation with materials and the encouragement of reading in order to value the national heritage of the Chilean “arpilleras”.

Orquesta Juvenil de Pudahuel


The Orquesta Juvenil de Pudahuel, which has contributed to the musical training of children and young people in the Santiago commune since 2003, is a social, educational and artistic project supported by the Fundación de Orquestas Infantiles y Juveniles and the Consejo Nacional para el Control de Estupefacientes , along with the Municipality of Pudahuel. Its current artistic director is Miguel Ángel Castro Reveco, but it also has worked with other outstanding orchestra conductors, such as Víctor Hugo Toro and Alejandro Meléndez.


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