A creation by Colectivo de Arte La Vitrina

  • 29 minutes

In view of the imminent disappearance of Espacio Vitrina, the members of its artistic collective bid farewell with this performance that speaks of rebuilding and transforming.

RE-ARME arises from the investigation of the Arte La Vitrina collective in the midst of quarantine due to the pandemic. It is a reflection on the reconstruction and transformation of the group in the face of the imminent closure of Espacio Vitrina. As its members say, "It is the last work of the Colectivo de Arte La Vitrina, in which we intend to find an emotionally intense finish. A last cry, joy to an imminent farewell of our space and an important part of our project. Once again, the lack of financing determines our routes, causing us to create. It’s the only vital way to find ourselves, from the luxury and privilege of doing what is not seen as a necessity, but which from its purpose creates meaning".

“Re-arme was the possibility of either disappearing or rather finding the best way to say goodbye, but it became a reunion, which gave us the possibility of understanding that it was not necessary to get rid of everything, but rather to defend it and create from this new impulse of instability.”

Direction: Collective Creation | Performers: Melisa Maturana, Exequiel Gómez, Magnus Rasmussen, Javiera Sanhueza, Francisca Gazitúa, Andrés Millalonco | Lighting: José Palma | Sound Design: Vicente Yáñez | Management and Production: Gabriela Bravo Torres | Broadcasting: José Urrea | Audiovisual Recording: Camaleón Producciones

Colectivo de Arte La Vitrina

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