Recuerdos de Cine Circo, Liberto el Proyeccionista

By Circo Hechizo | Directed by: Eduardo Jiménez

  • Spanish
  • 55 minutes
  • + 6 years

Liberto and Estrella invite the whole family to take a look at the entertaining – and sometimes jokey – life of a film projectionist. 

Recuerdos de Cine Circo, Liberto el Proyeccionista is the name of the new show by Circo Hechizo and an invitation to share in some soul-searching in a small circus tent. Liberto and Estrella take us on a journey through their dreams. Dressed as ushers from a twenties silent movie and perched on the tent’s threshold, they whisperingly invite us to navigate between the past and present. Through subtle but graceful blunders, they put the audience at ease in the projecting room. Everything is ready - the projector, the roll of film - but that is exactly when the problems start. The film starts to burn, the projector breaks down and smoke covers the stage as Liberto tries to explain what is happening. From this moment on, those present delve into hopes and dreams of this character, a ‘great among jugglers and among actors’.

This production was financed by the Ministry of Culture, the Arts and Heritage and by a 2019 national Fondart career-based grant, and is sponsored by the Aldea de Encuentro Cultural Corporation and the La Reina Municipality’s Center for Aerial Arts.

Cast and crew

Directed by: Eduardo Jiménez | Written by: Eduardo Jiménez Cavieres and Tomás Kaulen Díaz | With the participation of: Gloria Allendes Cortés, Tomás Kaulen Díaz | Musical compositions: Jorge Martínez Flores | Costume design and creation: Daniela Dana Saavedra | Lighting design: Gloria Allendes Cortés | Set design – tent: Eduardo Jiménez Cavieres, Circo Hechizo | Stage, lighting, audio and video technician: Gloria Allendes Cortés | Production and administration: Margarita Egaña and Tomás Kaulen | Theatrics and staging: Eduardo Jiménez Cavieres and Tomás Kaulen Díaz | Set creation – tent: Taller El Litre and Circo Hechizo | Flyer and poster design: Luis Reyes | Press and social media: Lorena Álvarez | Photography: Bastian Yurisch, Eduardo Jiménez | Directed by: Eduardo Jiménez Cavieres

Eduardo Jiménez Cavieres


A heavyweight of Chilean circus

This set designer and theatrical consultant spent the eighties dedicated to theater and movie set design, honing his technique in plays such as Los comediantes, Mascaradas, Galileo, La partida (a movie) and Temporal (also a movie). In the nineties, he worked with La Troppa on the productions Viaje al centro de la Tierra (1995), Gemelos (1999) and Jesús Betz  (2003). He directed Neige spectacle de marionnettes Gadin Ningyo (2010) in France, where he also worked with Mauricio Celedón and the Teatro del Silencio. In 2011, he designed the sound, lighting and costumes for the closing ceremony of the Kerala International Festival in India and he was curator of the Chilean selection at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, where he also displayed his own work. He currently offers technical consultancies for theaters and collaborates with different companies on set, lighting and costume design or the staging for their plays (this biography comes from Circonciente.com).

Tomás Kaulen Díaz


The Lord of Circo Rodante

Born in 1980, this juggler and creator of performing arts shows has been involved with the circus since 1998. In 2017, he began setting up Circo Hechizo by taking the first step and building his motorhome. Lacking a registered trademark, the bill was issued under the name ‘a spell’, giving the project its name. That same year he presented Especulaciones sobre lo humano and began Proyeccionista, involving research into the relationship between the circus and the cinema. His idea is that Circo Hechizo continues the tradition of a travelling circus, both physically and creatively.

-It is part of a larger piece of research carried out by one of the show’s creators, artist Tomás Kaulen, as a result of the crossover between circus and cinema. This play is reminiscent of silent movies, Italian neorealism and traditional circus techniques. “For this show, we watched lots of movies, analyzed material, connected circus pieces to objects and studied how to integrate them into the space’s architecture”, explains Tomás Kaulen in an interview with the Culturizarte site.

-It is an opportunity to see a family-orientated show that, for the last few months, has been touring France, where it was premiered as part of La Nuit de Cirque, an important circus show event in Europe. The show is performed in a tent created by Eduardo Jiménez (co-writer and director of the piece), who told Culturizarte that the design of this structure was inspired by Mongolian travelling homes, called yurts.

New circus: Also called contemporary circus (nouveau cirque in French), this performing arts genre - developed in the middle of the twentieth century - is characterized, among other things, by basing itself on a story told through different circus acts and disciplines. The focus is on making an esthetic impact and on a performance that tells a story, sometimes using theater techniques as well.

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