Requiem, la última cinta del grupo Krapp

By Grupo Krapp company | Directed by: Luciana Acuña

  • Spanish
  • 70 minutes
  • + 12 years

Warning This performance uses strobe lights

The Argentine Grupo Krapp company premieres in Chile their piece Requiem: The last film by Grupo Krapp, an anthology of songs from the collective's repertoire, presented as a performative concert. A finale; perhaps a legacy or a requiem.

A performative concert that merges the 21 years of experience of the Argentine dance, theater and music company Grupo Krapp. The requiem commemorates one of its members and founders, Luis Biasotto, who passed away in May 2021 due to COVID.

More than a tribute, Réquiem, la última cinta del grupo Krapp, seeks to be a project made in conjunction with the late director; a drunken, screaming song and a toast to friendship.

Tinged by mourning, the concert rises from a process of acceptance and reformulation. Seeking to give rituality to their loss, the Krapp Group presents this piece as a way to look to the future, after their mind was bombarded with questions such as: Why should we continue when one of our directors is gone? How to continue doing theater or dance in the present and survive the shock?

This requiem is mourning as much as it is a rebirth.

"Today the day has come! We will blow up all of Krapp's pieces and put together the fragments into a new piece: a performative concert. This is not a tribute to the one lost, but a piece of work made along with him. An improbable piece between life and death. Perhaps a new way of being together. As before, as always", as stated by the company.

Direction: Luciana Acuña | Creation and Performance: Gabriel Almendros, Fernando Tur, Edgardo Castro, Luis Biasotto, Luciana Acuña, Alejo Moguillansky, Mariana Tirantte, Matías Sendón and Gabriela Gobbi | Original Music and Musical Direction: Fernando Tur and Gabriel Almendros | Drums: Diego Voloschin | Audiovisual Direction: Alejo Moguillansky | Collaboration in Audiovisual Editing: Miguel de Zuviría | Text Animation: Guillermo Gobbi | Spatial Conception and Scenography: Mariana Tirantte | Lights: Matías Sendón | Lighting Operation: Adrián Grimozzi | Texts: Grupo Krapp in Collaboration with Alejo Moguillansky, Mariano Llinás, Lola Arias and Mariana Chaud | Assistance: Paula Russ | Production: Gabriela Gobbi | Artistic Collaboration: Gabriela A. Fernández, Ariel Vaccaro, Susana Tambutti, Agustina Sario, Matthieu Perpoint, El Pampero Cine and all the friends and artists who have collaborated with the work of Grupo Krapp | Co-Production: Centro Cultural Kirchner and BP21.

Project supported by Mecenazgo Cultural, Fondo Nacional de las Artes and Instituto Prodanza, MCCBA, Argentina.

Acknowledgements to Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires and Espacio EK.

Grupo Krapp

The company

Founded by Luis Biasotto and Luciana Acuña in 2000, Grupo Krapp, recognized with the Konex Prize, is considered one of the most relevant dance companies in Buenos Aires thanks to their permanent search for new forms of corporal expression, and the heterogeneity of their artists.

Their characteristic work has been presented in theaters and festivals in Argentina, Latin America, USA and Europe. In 2013, the Centro Cultural San Martín held a reflection looking back onto the company’s work, as well as conferences and round tables with important choreographers and dancers of local contemporary dance.


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