De Gratte-Ciel | Directed by Stéphane Girard

  • No dialogues
  • 30 minutes
  • Todo público

A scarlet-colored show, filled with the impressive ground to the air acrobatics, developed in collaboration with Chilean artists.

Created in 2020 as part of the Regard Sur Rue Festival (France), this acrobatic show taking place in the air is like a large music box full of tricks. A group of artists shall deploy their skills amidst a scarlet whirlwind and pulsating music. Full of vertigo and monumental feats, in Rouge! acrobats and dancers intertwine and overlap in a compound that descends from the heights to create a spectacular eruption among the audience.

Within the framework of Santiago a Mil 2022, this reinvention of the spectacle emerges from the collective work between the French company Gratte-Ciel, specialized in aerial circus, and Chilean artists and technicians who developed an unprecedented live performance. Accompanied by an impressive installation, the acrobats will invade the public space to surprise with a unique experience.

Artistic Director: Stéphane Girard | Creative Director: Camille Beaumier | Circus Collaborator: Benoit Belleville | Aerial Rigging Manager: Rémy Legeay | Technical Coordinator: Damien Fantova | Lighting: Yann Champelovier I Staff: Joseph Premoselli, Titouan Rabelo, Julie Engelmann | Performers: Stéphane Bernier, Anne Pribat, Céline Li, Eva Szwarcer | Thanks to: Saison Gatti / Le PÔLE, Soutenu par Lieux Publics – CNAREP (Centre National des arts de la rue et de l’espace public) & pôle européen de production, dans le cadre du programme ὁδός – les chemins and city of Arles, Francia.


The company

A world in the heights

The company was founded in 2013 under the direction of Stéphane Girard and is known for its outdoors aerial performances. Taking elements from the circus and extreme sports, their productions stand out for their monumental installations. Gratte-Ciel innovates with the use of technology and aerial challenges framed in the poetics of light and the appropriation of vertical space. It creates shows full of color and movement, where public spaces blend in as a backdrop.

-For its call to local artists, highlighting the collaborative value within the arts. The show will have Chilean acrobats working alongside one of the most prominent international aerial circus companies. There is no admission fee for the performance that will tour different parts of the country.

-For an innovative proposal that takes circus art to the heights with impressive staging, entering into the public space with a display that astonishes those who witness the show. The French online publication Furies refers to the company's work as "aerial shows that mix circus, public space and outdoor culture. This company imagines projects that combine disciplines and techniques taken from the arts and extreme sports for their creations and appropriate the urban space."

-For Gratte-Ciel's trajectory, which has somehow turned into a synonym of the extraordinary, due to its large structures and aerial acrobatics. As highlighted by the French magazine Fest on the occasion of one of the company’s many performances: “For 25 years, Gratte-Ciel has been developing techniques to push new limits and open spaces by the circus. Making their performance look perfect is the merit of a multi-skilled team made up of technicians, climbers, circus artists and dancers.”

New Circus: Also called Contemporary Circus or Nouveau Cirque. It´s a performing arts genre developed in the second half of the 20th century. It is characterized, among other elements, by placing a story at the center of the creation, which is told through different circus skills and disciplines. The focus lies on creating an aesthetic impact and a staging that allows a plot to be told, at times using theater techniques.

Urban Intervention: Artistic experiences aimed at creating new understandings of the relationship between the social and the spatial, between the city and its citizens. The locations are intervened through multiple forms: video projections, sculptural artifacts, performances, posters and graffiti. An urban intervention that seeks to forge new interactions and experiences of seeing, understanding and inhabiting an urban space.

-Watch the interview with Rouge! director Stéphane Girard about Gratte-Ciel's work here.


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