Sacudirnos el polvo

By Yerko Ravlic and Dínamo Films

  • Spanish
  • 25 minutes
  • + 16

Felipe has developed his life around the abandoned Pedro León Gallo sports complex in Copiapó. He must decide on his future: either work in mining, like his father, or devote himself to music, the only space where he feels free.

In Copiapó, the Northern Chilean region of Atacama, lies the abandoned Pedro León Gallo sports complex: an iconic site for the city's inhabitants. Felipe, a 28-year-old local, has literally developed his whole life around this court: his family experiences, his first loves, his friendships and, above all, his passion for music. The day-to-day life of the court merges with Felipe's everyday life.

He is an amateur musician, in process of changing his life. Due to family pressures, he must face for the first time the world of formal labor. In a context like that of the Atacama region, Felipe has few job options to choose from and he has to take a decision: either follow the path of mining, like his father, or devote himself to music, in order to get out of that space in which he feels imprisoned.

Sacudirnos el Polvo is a short movie born from the observation of the Pedro León Gallo sports complex.

Director: Yerko Ravlic | Script: Sebastian Vidal and Yerko Ravlic | Producer: Carlos Pizarro | Cinematography: Yerko Ravlic | Camera: Ricardo Cossio | Sound Engineer: Fabián Daza | Editor: Sebastián Aguilera

Yerko Ravlic


Yerko Ravlic is a filmmaker with a concentration in Directing and Screenwriting from the Universidad de Valparaíso and further studies in screenwriting and documentary dramaturgy at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión, in Cuba. He is the director of Dínamo Films, with over a decade of experience in audiovisual and film productions in the district of Atacama. Among his works as director are the short film Maribel (2009) and the documentaries Rezagados (2009), Pullay, la Murga de una Noche (2013), Caudal, Escombros de Memoria (2015) and Espacio Desierto (2021). He performs as director of photography, location scout, camera assistant, drone operator and local producer of national and international productions.

-Because it is a play that arises from the detailed observation of an emblematic territory in the life of the inhabitants of Copiapó, focusing on the development of local identity. Sacudirnos el Polvo tells the story of that space and enhances and values it from a heritage point of view. Furthermore, this is developed in the context of a change that the court will undergo due to a remodeling project.

-Because the short film is a symbiosis between documentary and fiction cinema. Although the project will work with local actors, it seeks to integrate the day-to-day people who currently live in the area as part of the story.

—Visit the filmmaker's work at www.dinamofilms.cl



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