Generating encounter spaces

LAB ESCENICO 2022 seeks to offer possibilities for creative development to the most diverse audiences of all ages and backgrounds. This initiative generates encounters for the entire community in different training formats such as lectures, workshops and events, all aimed at learning and at the diffusion of knowledge as participation tools for citizens. Nurturing the exchange between national and international creators, amateurs and professionals, spectators and communities allows them to take part in multiple, specially designed, training activities. Here, artistic practices are to be developed, as well as discussion and reflection, amplifying the experiences that the performing arts bring to us.

Designing futures by connecting to the collective memory

The Santiago a Mil Festival shall celebrate its 30th birthday in 2023. The goal of Lab Escénico 2022 is to put into practice the results of our learnings throughout almost 30 years of existence. To create a collective memory in order to project our future as a community. By reflecting on our experiences, we hope to generate a shared awareness -as cultural sector and as nation- of our challenges in the midst of a particularly disturbing national and global context.

We want to listen from within the territories, constantly getting to know our audiences, expanding them even further and defining common points of view that start from creation, in order to evaluate how we can continue to imagine shared futures. We want to listen to your voice, and add it to that of others, to cooperate by deploying tools that inspire creativity, and to do so starting from the places where people live and work. We want to contribute to the exercise of decentralization, so that culture may be lived from within each community.

In the current pandemic context, where we must continue to take care of each other, we believe it is essential to create spaces in order to develop skills, enhance knowledge and promote unique experiences through exchanges between our plays and their participants: audiences and creators.

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