We’re a group of professionals from different backgrounds and disciplines who are committed to the performing arts and to the country’s fair cultural development.

The institution was set up as a non-profit organization in 2004, after the expansion and consolidation of the Santiago a Mil International Festival, our most important project, held in January each year since 1994. Since then, as the Teatro a Mil Foundation, our work has involved contributing to the geographical, social and economic decentralization of access to culture, through the highest-quality projects, training and educational programs for both the public and artists and touring opportunities for Chilean and Latin American companies.


For the highest-quality contemporary art and the performing arts to be fundamental to life in Chile and all its citizens.


Values such as diversity, freedom, inclusivity, tolerance, respect, collaboration and innovation inspire us. We’re open to reflecting on multiple perspectives, creativity, good ideas and the different views that are part of our society.


We connect with our surroundings, the country and the world. We ask ourselves where we are, where we’re going and how we can use what we do to advance our mission.


Each year is like a theater premiere. We don’t know what resources we’ll have, what’s going to happen with our projects or how our audiences are going to react. This uncertainty makes us vulnerable but, at the same time, keeps us focused and acts as motivation.

Networks and Community

The foundation’s network of collaborators is large, diverse and transversal. It’s also dynamic and demanding, shaping our scope and opportunities for action. In theater and the performing arts, the experience is a collective and collaborative one. That’s how we work with the artists and that’s what the audience experiences.


Year-long, we work to create opportunities for meetings, participation and dialogue using the performing arts, helping to improve access, bring together new audiences and support artists so that their projects become a reality, involving creation, training and touring in Chile and abroad.

Each project we develop involves five important lines of work, which guide everything we do and helping to make the performing arts fundamental to peoples’ lives.

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