We encourage reflection and dialogue about human rights, tolerance and respect for others through theater and a decentralized cultural program.

The Theater, Human Rights and Memory Season is a free initiative that aims to help broaden citizens’ perspectives, encourage respectful dialogue and promote human rights through the collective experience that is theater. In addition, it aims to make quality cultural programming both easier to access and more decentralized in different Metropolitan Region neighborhoods.

Through a program that includes contemporary Chilean theater plays that tackle, from different perspectives, issues such as recent memory, democracy or the relationship with the ‘other’, the season is an opportunity to reflect on and delve deeper into promoting human rights, respect and tolerance for sexual, cultural, religious or age-related diversity.

The season is organized by the Teatro a Mil Foundation with the support of the Department of Presidential Subsidies, the Ministry of Culture, the Arts and Heritage (2017) and the Under Secretary for Human Rights, part of the Ministry of Justice (2018). The municipalities of the cities where the season was performed also collaborated.






free performances






2018 Version

With a high-quality program made up of ¡Parlamento! by Tryo Teatro Banda and Tú amarás by the Bonobo Company, the second version of the Theater, Human Rights and Memory Season involved six free performances in six Metropolitan Region neighborhoods, giving people from different sectors of society the opportunity to experience theater.

The season was also part of the #DDHHAntesQueTodo campaign in the framework of the 70-year anniversary of the adopting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and involved a complete program of dialogues with the audience, held after the performances.

The 2018 version was organized by the Teatro a Mil Foundation with the support of the Under Secretary for Human Rights and the Ministry of Culture, the Arts and Heritage. Cordesan, part of the Municipality of Santiago; the Violeta Parra Cultural Center in Cerro Navia; the Espacio Matta in La Granja; the La Reina Cultural Corporation and the Puente Alto Cultural Center also collaborated.

2017 Version

The program of the first version of the Theater, Human Rights and Memory Season included six outstanding plays and 20 free performances in 11 Metropolitan Region neighborhoods. In addition, dialogues with the audience were organized after the performances.

The 2017 version included a powerful selection of Chilean productions, all involving issues related to memory and tackled using different, daring approaches: La Amante Fascista by Alejandro Moreno; Pinochet, la obra censurada en dictadura by Sebastián Squella; Esto (no) es un testamento by the ICTUS Theater and La Laura Palmer; No tenemos que sacrificarnos por los que vendrán by the Colectivo Zoológico; Comisión Ortúzar: acciones en torno al legado de una refundación by the Núcleo Arte, Política y Comunidad from the University of Chile and Villa by Guillermo Calderón.

Organized by the Teatro a Mil Foundation, the season had support from the Department of Presidential Subsidies and the Ministry of Culture, the Arts and Heritage. The municipalities and cultural centers of San Joaquín, La Granja, Independencia, Cerrillos, Quilicura, La Cisterna, Recoleta, Cerro Navia, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Lo Prado and Santiago also collaborated.