This version of the Buenos Aires International Festival (FIBA) has brought together world-renowned artists, with more than 27,000 spectators enjoying its high-quality contemporary theater shows.


With four versions held to date, FIBA Chile has helped breathe new life into local listings during the second half of the year, involving shows from nine countries and bringing together important figures from the world of theater, including Estrella Morente, Thomas Ostermeier, Peter Brook, Cristina Banegas, Harold Pinter and Guillermo Cacace.

FIBA Chile has also helped develop exchange and training through free activities such as dialogues with audiences, classes open to the public and playwriting activities.

Presented by the Teatro a Mil Foundation and the Las Condes Municipal Theater, this festival has been supported by different institutions over the course of the years, such as the former National Council for Culture and the Arts (nowadays the Ministry for Culture, the Arts and Heritage), the embassies of Argentina and the United Kingdom, the British Council and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.




international shows




The Buenos Aires International Festival (FIBA), was created in 1997 by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires with the aim of bringing together some of the main figures from the performing arts worldwide. In May 2011, the Teatro a Mil Foundation signed an important agreement with this festival and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in the City of Buenos Aires, setting up a cultural collaboration protocol allowing for FIBA to be held in Chile. This alliance, which aims to encourage cultural integration between the two countries, was established as the basis for creating an appealing Southern Cone performing arts circuit.



The IV version of FIBA Chile included three outstanding international plays: Constanza muere by Ariel Farace (Argentina), The Tiger Lillies Perform Hamlet by Martin Tulinius (England/Denmark) and País Clandestino by Maelle Poesy and Jorge Eiro (Argentina). A total of six shows were put on to a total audience of 3,500.


The third version of FIBA Chile included some big names from contemporary international theater in Australia, South Africa and Argentina. The plays included were Ganesh versus the Third Reich by Back to Back Theater; a radical version of Macbeth by Verdi, directed by Brett Bailey; Querido Ibsen: soy Nora by Griselda Gambaro, directed by Silvio Lang and Mi hijo sólo camina un poco más lento (una pieza croata) by the Croat Ivor Martinić, directed by Guillermo Cacace.


This version was presented by Banco Edwards|Citi, the Teatro a Mil Foundation and the Las Condes Municipal Theater with the collaboration of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the IX edition of FIBA. The program was made up of four plays: Interiors performed by the British company Vanishing Point, directed by Matthew Lenton; Traición by Harold Pinter, directed by the Argentine Ciro Zorzoli; Sonata de otoño, based on the film by Ingmar Bergman and directed by another Argentine, Daniel Veronese and Delirio gaucho, a musical theater piece directed by Fabián Luca. A total audience of 6,400 watched the performances.


The first version of FIBA Chile was held at the Las Condes Municipal Theater and included four shows involving music, opera and theater from France, Spain, Germany and Argentina. More than 3,000 people went to watch singer-songwriter Estrella Morente; Hamlet by Thomas Ostermeier; Una flauta mágica by Peter Brook from England and La familia argentina, written by Alberto Ure and directed by Cristina Banegas.