We are always working to create new opportunities for the Chilean and Latin American performing arts, going beyond our frontiers.

In a world that is forever changing, transforming and facing new political, social, cultural and economic challenges, the arts take us back to what is human, bringing us together and making us reflect on our past. We are part of the world we live in and the performing arts are an important inspiration, helping to move boundaries, generate dialogue in the face of diversity and bridging gaps in order to bring us together. That’s why our work is aimed at creating new touring opportunities and promoting tours, seasons and alliances for Chilean and Latin American plays. The aim is to create dialogue that goes beyond frontiers, connecting artists with new audiences and diversifying the locations where companies perform.

Internationally, we’ve managed the tours of hundreds of companies, who have performed at some of the most important theaters and festivals in the world and have supported outstanding local artists who want to develop both professionally and internationally. In the last decade, we’ve put on around 800 performances in more than 40 countries.

As part of this strategy, we’ve also developed Programmers Week – PLATEA, whose aim is to encourage reflection and exchange on our continent’s performing arts in contrast to other places in the world and to promote opportunities for productions, touring and scheduling shows. It has become the most important platform for exhibiting the contemporary performing arts in Chile and Latin America.

As far as touring in Chile is concerned, we are always in contact with Chilean directors, consultants and producers in different parts of the country, allowing us to put on tours and functions at cultural centers and regional theaters, contributing to decentralization and making it easier for different audiences to see plays. As a way of encouraging local networking, we’ve been holding the Chilean Programmers Event – Platea for a few years now, in the framework of the Teatro HOY season.