We support artists who are currently experimenting with innovative theater practices and production methods for their countries’ stages.


This training program is both free and unique in Chile and is offered in collaboration with the Goethe Institute and the Ministry of Culture, the Arts and Heritage’s international area. It is aimed at proving opportunities for experiences based on theater directing training for young people who are just starting out.

Before the pandemic, the Theater Directing Program (TDP) lasted a year and involved workshops, German classes and artistic residences in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. In addition, each participant worked on a creative project, with the chance to receive feedback from other directors and peers, as well as to take part in activities at the Santiago a Mil Festival as part of LAB Escénico.


2021 | Chile – Uruguay – Perú

Nine participants - four men and five women - from Chile, Uruguay and Peru are the stars of this new version of the Theater Directing Program (TDP). For the first time, this training initiative focuses on providing technological tools and resources for theater projects that involve new media and are not performed in front of a live audience.

Alejandro Ferreira

Actor from the Catholic University of Chile with a Masters in Psychology from the Diego Portales University. Creator and director of the Alex Soprano musical project, which invites the audience to be part of a 3D audiovisual experience that tells the story of Alex and his band of post-binary creatures, who reflect on mental health and the construction of young people’s identities using music.

Camilo Navarro

Actor and theater researcher with a degree in Esthetics from the Catholic University of Chile. His project, called Desobedecer, is a theatrical research project adapted into an audiovisual piece that attempts to answer the question about why disobedience is necessary by analyzing and reflecting on historical and contemporary cases of resistance.

José Antonio Luer

Actor and playwright with a Masters in Directing from the University of Chile. Director of diverse productions with the La Bóveda Celeste Theater Company. Manifiesto de una mujer de cobre en la ventana is a performative piece that brings together different testimonies from women in Ventanas (a sacrifice area) and links their experiences to the current environmental conflict.

Melanie Catan

Graduate with a degree in Audiovisual Communication and in Acting from the Margarita Xirgu Municipal School of Dramatic Arts (MSDA) in 2015 and a Masters in Theater Studies (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2021). Her project, Your connection attempt failed, is an essay on the separation of bodies and how two individuals structure their relationship using mobile phones and computers. This piece reflects on the constructs of time, silences and bodies and on ‘non-places’.

Leonor Courtoisie

Theater creator, actress, writer and coordinator for the Salvadora Editora label. Member of the Lincoln Center Theater’s Directors Lab and winner of the French Embassy’s Molière Award. Quizás si sostuviera el aire is a piece of theatrical research/rural investigation that is about the continuation of a dynamic process, the tension present when observing the environment and evidence of the crucial role of geographical contexts.

Bruno Acevedo

Multidisciplinary artist who researches poetry and journalistic-performative theater using the audiovisual medium. ANHEDONIA, o retrato vírico de una generación rendida won the second National Literature Award in 2020 from the Ministry of Education and Culture in Uruguay and debates the viral portrait of a generation that has given up in the face of authentic illusions - or dishonest paradoxes - of communication, consumerism and contemporary productivity.

Claudia Vanesa Figueroa

Multimedia artist, decolonial feminist and non-binary trans woman. She reflects on digital culture, post-colonialism and the impact of audiovisual media on contemporary identities. Her project, Feedback, is a transmedia play on the phenomenon of visual feedback in post-modernity. It explores the metaverses in fiction that we consume on a daily basis and questions the logic of human representation within the culture of the masses.

Julissa Paredes

Born in the city of Puno, she studied Social Communications and Acting. She took over the running of the La Negra Cultural Association in 2014. Based on the play Soy José Mamani by playwright Fernando Montanares from Arica, this project, called Soy José Mamani, un típico peruano cualquiera deals with the problems many migrants face in their quest for better opportunities.

Silvia Tomotaki

A theater artist who graduated from the Faculty of Science and Communications at the Catholic University in Peru and a student of the Creation-Theatrical Research Diploma of the Bergman Chair at the Autonomous National University of Mexico. Indisciplinada by this director describes her finding her grandfather’s documents to enter Peru. As a result, she questions her belonging to a country her grandfather needed permission to enter, that he always wanted to leave and where he stayed until his death.

2020 | Chile – Uruguay – Perú

The fourth version of the Theater Directing Program involved seven directors from Chile, Uruguay and Peru, who took part in different exchange activities with creators, researchers and agents both in Chile and abroad over a year.

Daniela Contreras López

Actress from the University of Chile with an MA in Theater and Performance Studies from King’s College London. Her work focuses on artistic creation on topics such as human rights and Chile after the dictatorship, developed together with Edison Cájas at the Contreras&Cájas Center for Creation.

Cheril Linett

Actress and performance artist with a degree in Theater majoring in Performance from the Academy of Christian Humanism University. She created and directed the Yeguada Latinoamericana performance project.

Fernanda Águila

Actress and director who graduated with a degree from the Universidad Mayor’s Theater School in 2016. She directed Fragmentos del estrecho, a performance by this organization and codirected Dramaustral, a project chosen for the second version of the Navegable Radicantes Residence: Liquenlab Intermediation Network.

Sebastián Calderón

Actor with a degree from the Dramatic Arts Multidisciplinary School and a recent graduate from the first-ever class of the Universidad de la República’s Playwriting technical degree course. A self-taught director, he has never formally studied this discipline.

Lucía Trentini

Theater creator, actress, playwright, director and singer. She has a Masters in Theater Creation from the Carlos III University in Madrid, studying under Juan Mayorga.

Sammy Zamalloa

A Bachelor of Arts in Artistic Training graduate, he has taken part in different workshops and laboratories on creation and currently teaches at the physical theater school run by the Physical Theater Company. As an actor, he has been involved in some of its productions and has also directed Los inocentes and codirected Cómo criar dinosaurios rojos.

Giovanni Oviedo

Theater director, actor, editor and rapper from Callao. He is the artistic director and a teacher at the Búho Hip Hop Theater. He has studied in Lima and Buenos Aires under teachers such as David Carrillo, Marcelo Savignone, Guillermo Arengo and Cristina Moreira.

2019 | Chile – Uruguay – Perú

In its third version, the program went from only involving Chilean artists to including creators from Peru and Uruguay. The 2019 version was supported by Teatro La Plaza and the Sala de Parto Festival (Peru), the National Department of Culture and the National Institute of Performing Arts (Uruguay) and the Goethe Institute in Chile, Uruguay and Peru.


An arts graduate and actor from the University of Chile who, aged just 23, has written more than seven plays, including Mujer de preñez Húngara, Que todos los hombres se vayan a Irak and Las octavas de Simóne. In 2015, he won a scholarship from the Mustakis Foundation for his Reacciones inflamatorias project. He recently won the Poetry Category at the Gabriela Mistral Literary Competition with his poem Yo salvo la muerte.


A director, playwright and teacher, he’s one of the founders of La Facha Pobre, a group with whom he’s developed theatrical and visual work (such as video-performances and installations).He’s also held workshops and conferences in Chile and abroad, written plays such as Evita and Kristal and taught testimonial theater and theater history classes.


Florencia Caballero is a Uruguayan director, playwright and actress.


Federico Puig is a Uruguayan actor who, after working as an actor for a while, realized he was more interested in directing and started studying directing and playwriting. He’s also a cognitive psychologist and works in a research lab.


Mirella Quispe is a Peruvian artist who studied literature and drama. She’s worked as a producer, playwright and director all at the same time, mainly in independent theater projects.


Claudia Tangoa is a Peruvian director who is currently focused on researching the limits between fiction and reality.


Actriz de la Escuela de Teatro de la Universidad de Chile, es seleccionada con su proyecto Coliseo, un laboratorio de creación dramatúrgica en vivo.

Actriz de la Universidad de Chile, es seleccionada con su proyecto Humane, una reflexión sobre el paso del hombre desde el neardenthal al homo sapiens.

Actriz de la Universidad Mayor, es seleccionada con el proyecto Lo invisible, una pregunta sobre el site-specific y los territorios industrializados en Santiago.

Actriz e historiadora de la Universidad Católica, es seleccionada con su proyecto Impostoras, que busca indagar en tres mujeres impostoras de la historia.

Actor de la Universidad Mayor, es seleccionado con el proyecto Casting K. Perry que busca desmitificar la valoración social que tienen las figuras del pop.

Actriz de la Universidad Católica, es seleccionada con su proyecto Proyecto Mileva, una reflexión escénica sobre el recono cimiento social del cuerpo femenino.


Actriz de la Universidad de Chile. Ha investigado y desarrollado la escena teatral desde distintas aristas; como actriz, performer, directora, asistente de dirección, realizadora audiovisual, investigadora teórica y productora. Su investigación se desarrolla en torno a los condicionamientos biopolíticos a los cuales está sujeto el actor en escena.

Actriz y magíster en Estudios Teatrales de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Fundadora de la Compañía de Teatro Persona, con la cual se ha dedicado a desarrollar investigaciones escénicas en torno al sonido.

Obra estrenada: Punto Ciego

Actor de la Universidad Finis Terrae y director artístico del Colectivo Teatral Momentos. Su búsqueda se centra en explorar nuevas plataformas y dispositivos interdisciplinarios que provoquen al espectador.

Obra estrenada: La silla

Actriz de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile y Master en Práctica de la Performance e Investigación de The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Universidad de Londres. Su investigación se enmarca en el campo performatividad del archivo y la documentación como mecanismo performativo en el campo de la Actuación.

Obra estrenada: Cuerpo pretérito

Director, Actor y Pedagogo teatral de la Universidad Arcis. Actualmente se desempeña como director de la compañía Teatro Perro Muerto. Su principal enfoque es la búsqueda de un lenguaje contemporáneo sobre el teatro político.

Obra estrenada: Representar

Actor de la Universidad de Chile. Actualmente se encuentra desarrollando distintos proyectos con la compañía Teatro del Sonido, además de dirigir la compañía LaRenton Familea. Su investigación se desarrolla en torno al teatro de calle, como experiencia espacio-temporal donde habita el sonido.