Arjé: el comienzo del universo

By Las Cabras – Dance for Early Childhood

  • Spanish
  • 30 minutes, plus 20 minutes of mediation

A sensory experience about the origins of the creation, especially aimed at young children.

Arjé: el Comienzo del Universo is a play for early childhood, specifically for children above the age of three, which invites them to witness the creation of life in the universe through dance and sound art. It is a sensory experience that reflects on how sound shapes matter. This is done through a particular concert in the universe, with a goddess who tells the myth of the cosmic egg. The objective of this performance is to generate an approach and interaction aimed at getting to know the mysteries of creation in terms of body, space and energy, with the micro- and macrocosm. A dance performance that plays with sound and immerses the audience in a state of contemplation and aesthetics.

Cast: Claudia Alejandra Bell Rifo, Paloma Estrada Carrasco, Daniela Pizarro Solari | Editing and Sound: Mariana Ferreiro Álvarez | Production: Úrsula Arellano Jiménez

©Mauricio Gamboa

Daniela Pizarro Solari


Emphasis on Training of New Audiences

Daniela holds a degree in Dance from Arcis University and has developed professionally as a creator and performer in contemporary dance, video dance and Indian Bharatanatyam classical dance, as well as in theater with Mauricio Celedón and Teatro del Silencio. She has also been working for over 15 years with children and young people from traditional and alternative schools and children at social risk. She is the founder of the dance company Las Cabras and part of the early childhood theater company La Poética Ilustrada.

Las Cabras

The company

Valuing Early Childhood

Born in 2019, the company is made up of five women, performing artists and teachers who have worked in formal and informal education spaces, as well as in stage creations with an educational approach. Its goal is to value early childhood, creating artistic experiences with conceptual and aesthetic depth. To this end, they develop small format processes of experimentation for the classroom with a spiritual approach, facilitating the connection with the senses, poetry and imagination.

-Because it is an unconventional work in terms of the role of its target audience. It addresses children from the age of three with no "infantilization" of the language: It is however a performance full of deep reflection in its content and aesthetics.

-Because of the use of the space in 360°, which turns the spectators into a fundamental part of both the development of the play and the final interaction experience; where in fact, the audience enters the scenic space.

-Because it is a lovely invitation to interact, listen, speak with each other and self-express. More than witnessing a play, children are living an experience from beginning to end, as explained by the company´s managers.


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