Written by David Harrower | Directed by Claudio Tolcachir

  • Spanish
  • 80 minutes
  • + 16

A transgressive story surrounding a painful dialogue between two tormented beings.

Blackbird is a text written in 2005 by Scottish dramaturge David Harrower, celebrated around the world, winner of multiple awards (Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play; three Tony nominations). The play has been staged in circuits such as the West End and Broadway. Now, it is the acclaimed Argentine director Claudio Tolcachir who will present - as part of Santiago a Mil 2022- a version starring Chilean actors Néstor Cantillana and Carolina Arredondo. Both will bring to life a transgressive story showcasing a painful dialogue between two tormented individuals: Ray, 55, receives a visit from Una, 27. Fifteen years earlier, when Una was a 13-year-old girl, they were involved in an episode that changed their lives forever. The past returns in this harrowing reunion when Una has become a woman and Ray has changed his name.

Director: Claudio Tolcachir | Dramaturge: David Harrower | Translation: Alejandro Tantanián | Assistant Director: Stephie Bastías | Cast: Carolina Arredondo and Néstor Cantillana | Co-production of Fundación Teatro a Mil

Claudio Tolcachir


Argentina’s most acclaimed director of the decade

Claudio is a renown Argentinian actor, dramaturge and theater director, founder of the company Timbre 4. His work includes the plays La Omisión de la Familia Coleman, Tercer Cuerpo and El Viento en un Violín; all of them performed on stages across the globe. In 2012 he was honored by the parliament of Buenos Aires as “Outstanding Personality of Culture”. Most recently, he was declared the most acclaimed theater director of the decade, according to the Argentinian KONEX Platinum Awards.

David Harrower


The most talented Scottish dramaturge of his generation

Born in Edinburgh in 1966, David is the author of ten plays and a dozen adaptations. Recognized as the most talented Scottish dramaturge of his generation, he has presented his work at major theaters in London and Europe. Harrower wrote Blackbird for a filmed version called Una, released in September 2016.

-Because Claudio Tolcachir is a renown Argentine actor, dramaturge and theater director, founder of the company Timbre 4 and a highly valued name in Latin American media and audiences. Moreover, Tolcachir is an undisputed reference in the history of Argentinian theater. His version of Blackbird, directing Chilean actors, will be a world premiere.

-Because the protagonists Néstor Cantillana and Carolina Arredondo are two of the most outstanding performers of the local scene.

-Because the story of Blackbird is universal and has been acclaimed all over the world. It has been adapted for film and has had very successful performances in London and New York (on a Broadway staging starring Michelle Williams and Jeff Daniels). It is one of the must-see plays at the main theatres in the United States and Europe.

-Una: Film version of Blackbird's text, released in 2016, starring Rooney Mara and Ben Medelsohn. The original text was adapted by Harrower himself. A film "that leaves a buzzing unease" (The Guardian in its review).

-Check out the trailer for the Broadway version of Blackbird on YouTube.

-Check out the trailer for Una, the film version of Blackbird, on YouTube.



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