Deja vu - El corazón también recuerda

Directed by: Erika Andia | A Kory Warmis production

  • Spanish
  • 60 minutes
  • + 10 años

Different stories that reflect social fragility and the why we all generate violence.

What hurts more, to be silent or to scream? To leave or to wait until they make you disappear? These are some of the questions that the play Deja vu - el corazón también recuerda, by the Bolivian collective Kory Warmis raises.

This play takes as a common thread the story of diverse characters which relate in some way to the violence that we experience every day, at different levels: a girl who sticks newspaper clippings with violent headlines on her clothes, a couple who talks about their sinful love; a woman who talks about her dreams, a mother waiting for her children, and a teenager who is excited about turning 15. An entire society revealing its frailties and habits.

The production shows the parallelism between social relationships and the art of weaving with different colors, wool and spinning wheels as a creation of women. Thus, the creators question violence and its perpetuation. And they ask themselves: why do nightmares repeat themselves again and again?

General Direction: Erika Andia | Co-Direction and Staging: Freddy Chipana and Erika Andia | Text: Freddy Chipana | Lighting: Sergio López | Sound: Henry Unzueta | Logistics and Coordination: Alex Gutiérrez | Costumes: Kory Warmins | Cast: María Paz Aliaga de Maldonado, Justo Limachi Machaca, María Luque de Poma, Carmen Patricia Aranibar Álvarez, Celina Marfeli Flores Mamani, Mabel Elena Villalba Mamani, Brayam Machaca Aranibar, Martha Álvarez Velez, Gumercinda Mamani Chambi, Juana Mamani Gonza, Alexander Gutiérrez Chura, Lucila Cutipa de Quispe, Sergio Andrés López Ballesteros, Gabriel Julián Torrez Gutiérrez, Jhovana Milenka Gutiérrez Hilari, Camila Alejandra Mattos Linares, Clara Muñoz, Nina Amaru Armata López and Santos Choque

Synopsis (English)


Erika Andia is an actress, director, cultural manager and social communicator. She began her theatrical career more than 25 years ago, founding Teatro Duende, an important theatrical community of the 90s in Bolivia. She is part of “Phajsi Teatro” (Moon Theater), a group that performs plays for children and teenagers, focusing on topics related to women.

She has worked in more than 10 Bolivian films, in addition to Bolivian radio and television projects.

She directs CASA MÁGICA Centro Cultural, a self-managed space where actors and actresses of all ages are trained. CASA MÁGICA is also Kory Warmis’ center of creation and rehearsals.

Erika Andia

Co-Director and Guest Dramaturge

Actriz, directora, gestora cultural y comunicadora social

Freddy Chipana is an actor, director and theater teacher. He founded the theater group Alto Teatro and was part of the group Ojo Morado and Teatro de los Andes. He is currently one of the most prolific directors in Bolivia and has won several awards, such as the Eduardo Abaroa Award and the Raúl Salmon de la Barra Theater Competition.

His plays have been presented in several Latin American and European countries.

Freddy Chipana

Co-dirección y dramaturgia

Actor, director y docente teatral

Las Kory Warmis

The company

The Kory Warmis company -which means golden women in Aymara- are a group of 23 indigenous women, including vendors and artisans from Bolivia, who have made theater a very important part of their lives.

"Their personal stories inspired the script of their most famous plays, Kusisita and Deja Vu, el corazón también recuerda. They became an artistic and social movement that, through theater, seeks to help other Bolivian women reflect, and encourages them to break the chain of violence", says the website Nodalcultura.am.

The collective will make its debut at the Santiago a Mil Festival with Kusisita and déjà vu. They seek to meet and share their work and experiences with Chilean women from diverse communities.



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