Encuentros breves con hombres repulsivos

Directed by Daniel Veronese | By David Foster Wallace

  • Spanish
  • 60 minutes
  • + 14 years

David Foster Wallace's acclaimed novel comes to theater with a duo of powerful actors -Marcelo Alonso and Francisco Reyes- and the outstanding Argentinian director Daniel Veronese.

In Encuentros breves con hombres repulsivos, the theatrical adaptation of David Foster Wallace´s novel by the renowned Argentinian director Daniel Veronese, there are two actors: A and B. Both characters interact, and during eight brief and independent encounters, they alternate their roles. There are several issues being discussed, but they all point to a common topic: the evident condition of the contemporary male when encountering a woman - in terms of love, sex, and even loss. A confrontation of dangerous, uncomfortable limits which, somewhere and sometimes, began to be socially permitted and which reflect the lack of communication between genders. The play unfolds under the conditions of overprotection, intimidation, and degradation.

Encuentros breves con hombres repulsivos stars Marcelo Alonso (director of El padre and La última sesión de Freud) and Francisco Reyes (Lear, el rey y su doble, La desobediencia de Marte). A co-production of Fundación Teatro a Mil and Teatro Finis Terrae, with the collaboration of T4 producciones teatrales (Argentina).

Playwright: David Foster Wallace | Director: Daniel Veronese | Cast: Francisco Reyes and Marcelo Alonso | Assistant Director: Francisco Albornoz | Production: Cristóbal Pizarro | Coproduction: Fundación Teatro a Mil and Teatro Finis Terrae

Daniel Veronese


A reference of the Latin American theater scene

Daniel is an author, adaptor, actor and theater director born in Argentina in 1955. He is one of the founding members of the experimental theater group El Periférico de Objetos, created in 1989. His latest plays include La última sesión de Freud, Sonata otoñal, ¿Quién le teme a Virginia Wolf? (which he presented in Madrid and Mexico City), Bona Gent (in Barcelona), Bajo terapia (versions created in Argentina, Madrid, Cataluña and Lima); Los corderos, Vigilia de noche and Invencible (Madrid version). He has received numerous awards, such as the Platinum KONEX, Primer Premio Nacional de Dramaturgia and MAX Iberoamericano awards.

David Foster Wallace


The great observer of today's society

Considered one of the most brilliant and influential exponents of his generation, David Foster Wallace (1962-2008) was an American writer known worldwide for The Infinite Joke, a novel chosen by Time magazine as one of the 100 best books published between 1923 and 2006. In 1999 he wrote Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, a play that, like the entirety of his narrative, brings to the table issues such as the discomfort of today's society, American idiosyncrasy and the crisis of masculinity at the end of the 20th century.

— Because it is a good way to get to know, in a different format, the work of David Foster Wallace, a writer characterized by his uncomfortable, sarcastic and critical prose about the American society of the 80s and 90s. A trait that is also very present in the text of Encuentros breves... After its premiere in Argentina, critics highlighted how well Veronese's adaptation has succeeded in transferring this discomfort to the stage. "The play transforms, with remarkable lucidity, a series of literary monologues into brief conversational situations where we can witness at the same time, two levels of repulsiveness: what men do and what men say they will do", published the Argentinian magazine Otra Parte.

— To watch Francisco Reyes and Marcelo Alonso, two actors with long careers on stage, who had never before worked together. What unites them, though, is that they both have starred in interesting "acting duels" in recent years: Marcelo Alonso in the successful Sunset Limited with Roberto Farías, and Francisco Reyes, in La desobediencia de Marte, with Néstor Cantillana, and Lear, el rey y su doble, with Daniel Antivilo.

— Because of its dynamics and content, which brutally reflects on the most intimate spheres of human behavior, but with which everyone can feel identified at some point. In fact, Encuentros breves... is part of a trilogy of productions by Daniel Veronese called Experiencia, "which explores socially harsh issues close to us, in contrast with the day-to-day life we would like to live in" as stated by its producers. The other plays are La persona deprimida -which is also present in Santiago a Mil 2020- and Los arrepentidos, which in Chile had a successful edition starring Alfredo Castro and Rodrigo Pérez.

—Learn more about the life and work of David Foster Wallace in the film The End of the Tour, starring Jason Segel and Jesse Einsenberg.




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