La Pichintún

By Mariana Muñoz, Harold Guidolin and Pablo Sepúlveda

  • Spanish
  • 55 minutes
  • Todo público

A female titanosaurus discovered in Patagonia, accompanied by a peculiar paleontologist will tour the Metropolitan Region raising awareness on the need to take care of the environment.

La Pichintún, a baby titanosaurus recently discovered in southern Chile, mysteriously revives in order to demand to be protected by those who have discovered her. This happens thanks to the passionate scientific work of the doctor in paleontology Vania Díaz, who along with her research team tries tirelessly to discover what life on earth was like millions of years ago.

Thus, a giant puppet of a Chilean titanosaurus able to carry Vania Diaz on its back will roam the streets of different cities interacting with pedestrians and urban architecture while teaching about science and paleontology by encountering huge fossils of its ancestors. In the midst of this adventure, she explains how the extinction of different forms of life occurred on earth in contexts of brutal transformation.

Artistic Director/Dramaturge: Mariana Muñoz | Designer/Builder of La Pichintún: Harold Guidolin | Musical Director/Composer: Pablo Sepúlveda | Producer: Jenny Romero | Actress: Bárbara Wilson | Manipulators: Francisca Gazitúa, Juan Muñoz, Natalia González, Morowa Clark, Marcela Golzio, Mario Quezada, Juan Cortés, Gonzalo Paredes, Oscar Galdamez, Rodolfo Barbosa, Danny Ugarte and a manipulator to be defined. Technical Director/Assistant to the Director: Pablo Sepúlveda | Sound Consultant/Audio and Lighting Supplier: Jorge Castro | Costume Designer: Tamara Figueroa | Eye Painting: Catalina Aguilar | Fiberglass Sculptor: Diego Ahumada| Scenic Elements: José Farías | Production: Fundación Teatro a Mil

This show is dedicated to the memory of Karem Olivares, the Nengla.

Mariana Muñoz

Artistic Director

La Pichintún’s “mother”

Mariana is an actress, director and teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Theatre Performance from the Universidad de Chile, and a Master of Arts with a concentration in Theatre Practices from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her career has been influenced by her professional experience with the experts Andrés Pérez Araya, Andrés del Bosque and Juan Radrigán. Thus, her work focuses on research based on the convergence between theater, music, popular environments and comedy.

-Because the show seeks to raise awareness about the effects of environmental devastation on the planet that, if not stopped, could cause the absolute disappearance of species.

-Because of the detailed design of La Pichintún by Harold Guidolin, who moves her eyes and limbs. The artist formed part of the Royal de Luxe ensemble under the direction of the renowned French artist Jean-Luc Courcoult.

-Titanosaurus: type of dinosaurs that inhabited the earth during the Cretaceous period (preceding the Jurassic) in the Americas. A few years ago, in the Argentine Patagonia, findings of what would be the largest titanosaurs in the world were seen.

- Passacaglia: term that refers either to an ancient court dance developed in Spain, or to a musical form with a very lively rhythm played by bands and strolling musicians at popular festivals in the 17th century, especially those held in the streets. Hence, the term is used for today’s street performances that include live music



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