By Colectivo Transitar and Vuelo Teatro

  • Spanish
  • 40 minutes
  • + 9 años

A creation about migrations and changes as a constant in the evolution of life, at all levels.

The concept of travelling arose many years ago, from a place where tiny creatures lived in the dark. Hence, from the beginning of the centuries until today numerous journeys have been recorded, where migrations, metamorphoses and changes are continuous at the cellular level, as well as in the animal kingdom and in human civilization.

Migramorfosis is a creation that talks about the journeys and mutations in the evolution of life as we know it: we exist thanks to cellular exchange; thanks to a migration from water to land. And once established on land, exploration, travel and change have been the central forces driving human civilization.

Dramaturgues and Directors: Damián Antiguez and Beatriz Pino | Actors: Damián Antiguez, Beatriz Pino, Romanet Seguel-Rojas and Carolina Cáceres | Sound and Lighting Designer: Diego Vargas | Costume and Textile Designer: Carolina Cáceres | Technical Operator: Diego Vargas

Vuelo Teatro

The company emerged in 2010 as an initiative of puppet professionals, who in their struggle to keep their art alive, have dedicated themselves to research and experiments with different puppet animation techniques. Vuelo Teatro is made up by artists with more than 35 years of experience with performances both at national and international level. They also grant professional artistic training, among other activities.

Through their work they seek to transmit a hopeful message, based on topics such as ecology, family values and healthy relationships between human beings.

Colectivo Transitar

Formed in 2019, the collective nowadays is integrated by Beatriz Pino, Carolina Cáceres, Romanet Seguel, Fernanda Yévenes and Diego Vargas. Some of its members are trained dancers, but there is also a medical technologist and an oceanographer, among other diverse professions. They have participated in meetings and dance festivals at regional level, emphasizing their work around artistic exploration.

Their permanent bond with the territory, and their vision that body and territory are one, has led the collective to develop its creative work from an environmental perspective. Its focus is to educate and raise awareness about the relationship of humans with the environment and its beings.

—Because it tells the story of migration in a different way, as a phenomenon that transcends the human being: it is a characteristic of the plant and animal kingdoms, and can even be observed at the cellular level.

—Because there are numerous reasons that lead a being or a person to migrate, and it is innovative to observe this from a global perspective.

—Colectivo Transitar and Vuelo Teatro work on issues related to ecology and the environment. Nlinfa, for example, a previous creation of Colectivo Transitar, based on water and its capacity to feel. It focuses on this vital element as a human right and its strong link with the territory of Aysén.


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