Montañas Vivas

De Amanda Piña | Nadaproductions

  • Español e inglés
  • 4 horas

Warning Actividad exclusiva para participantes de Platea 23

A performative walk in the mountains, it is part of the ESCUELA DE LAS MONTAÑAS Y LAS AGUAS. Conceived as a space to unlearn the modern/colonial idea of humans, as preexisting and separate from that which sustains their life, Montañas Vivas proposes relationships of caring among the human bodies, and those of mountains, glaciers, and waters. In this process of relearning, recognizing mountains as living bodies is key; active in the creation of water, they house other bodies that are full of knowledge and wisdom. These are living and intelligent technologies with whom to relate and from whom to learn.

The Chilean version of the project resorts to the history of water in the City of Santiago, interweaving past struggles over the democratization of drinking water access, with current ecological concerns, and perspectives of a possible future.

Montañas Vivas is part of the ESCUELA DE LAS MONTAÑAS Y LAS AGUAS (School of Mountains and Waters), in Chile, and it is a production in the Common Ground series, by the Siemens Stiftung International Foundation, in conjunction with MIM (Museo Interactivo Mirador) and Centro Gabriela Mistral, GAM.

Amanda Piña / nadaproductions work with the support of the Vienna Department of Culture (MA 7).

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