Proyecto ¿Dónde está el teatro en este presente distópico? - O quizás la vida

By Compañía La Otra Zapatilla Teatro | Directed by Jenifer Salas

  • Spanish
  • 9 minutes
  • Todo público

An actress records her thoughts and experiences throughout a year-long pandemic.

An actress records her thoughts and experiences throughout a pandemic year. The theater has been burned down, and the only tools for staging are, simultaneously, her mind and her reality. The story works as a sort of diary of an artist who has been robbed of the possibility of making theater. It´s the pandemic that has taken away her freedom but has given her the possibility of introspection.

O quizás la vida is one of the seven chapters of the project ¿Dónde está el teatro en este presente distópico?, an investigation carried out by the collective from Concepción “La Otra Zapatilla”. Throughout six months, they explored different languages, aesthetics and concerns to create a performance that is based on the challenge of making art in a context of instability for the arts, during the pandemic.

Direction, Dramaturgy, Production: Jenifer Salas Goycolea | Animation, Editing, Camera Assistance: Óscar Cifuentes Cerdeira | Final Music: Rolando Aldana Cerdeira | Production: Orly Pradena, La Otra Zapatilla Teatro

Jenifer Salas


A Debut in Dramaturgy

Jenifer Salas is an actress from the city of Concepción, co-founder of the company La Otra Zapatilla Teatro (2007), where she works to this day. O quizás la vida is the first production of her authorship. The proposal is based on the search for theatrical languages through daily life using the screen as a resource in the times where it is impossible to create theater due to the confinement.

Compañía La Otra Zapatilla Teatro

Stories with social content

The company is a collective formed in 2007 in the city of Concepción, Chile. It focuses on creating around concepts such as identity and microhistory with social subject-matters, mainly promoting to work with local authors. They have premiered more than 30 shows to date, in different formats, and have worked in the management of several creative projects, both in circulation and training, in collaboration with various cultural entities. The group has become a strong cultural and artistic reference in the area.

-Because, like the other two chapters of the project Dónde está el teatro en este presente distópico, the performance generates an interesting reflection on the precariousness experienced by the arts in pandemic, loneliness and abandonment.

-Because, in the words of its author, "the play is born from the deepest feelings in a complex moment for the world. I had to adapt to the few tools available at that time to build a concept that would allow me to express myself without the theater."

-Check out La Otra Zapatilla Company's YouTube channel in order to better know their work.


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