Romeo y Julieta

By William Shakespeare | Translation by Pablo Neruda | Directed by Martín Erazo | Company: Colectivo La Patogallina | Adaptation: Víctor Carrasco and Martín Erazo | Audiovisual Direction: Vicente Saba

  • Spanish
  • 81 minutes

Shakespeare's classic tragedy, turned into a very current telenovela by La Patogallina.

The Montagues are metalheads. The Capulets, “reggaetoneros”. In parties where Pablo Chill-E and Santaferia are playing, Romeo and Juliet give free rein to a love with a tragic ending, narrated in a soap opera style, and located in an attractive urban setting, staged by the national company La Patogallina.

Under the direction of Martín Erazo, the director of the collective, and with several guest artists, La Patogallina's proposal brings a version of Romeo and Juliet to the small screen, with a translation by the poet Pablo Neruda, with Chilean influence, very recognizable characters and traditions, and with an audiovisual display - incorporating several recording sets - that extend the boundaries of the possibilities of traditional theater. Everything to turn Shakespeare's classic romantic tragedy into a pop soap opera: a very close, current and real one.

The play Romeo and Juliet is part of the cycle “Ni tan clásicos”, a Teatro a Mil production especially designed for the audiovisual format.

Author: William Shakespeare | Translation: Pablo Neruda | Adaptation: Víctor Carrasco and Martín Erazo | Company: Colectivo La Patogallina | Audiovisual Direction: Vicente Sabatini | Direction: Martín Erazo | Cast: Matías Burgos (Romeo), Laura Maldonado (Julieta), Cael Orrego (Capulet), Eduardo Moya (Montague), Sandra Figueroa (Mrs. Capulet), Pilar Salinas (Mrs. Montague), Ignacio Mancilla (Paris), Paulo Stingo (Prince), Francisca Artaza (Baltasar), Adrián Díaz (Benvolio), Linus Sánchez (Tebald), Victoria González (Juliet’s Mistress), Octavio Navarrete (Mercutio), Ariel Hermosilla (Fray Lorenzo), Juan Ferino (Fray Giovanni), Antonio Sepúlveda (Narrator) | Assistant Director: Victoria Hernández | Soundtrack: Alejandra Muñoz | Music Edition: Pablo Contreras | Musicians: Alejandra Muñoz, Jaime Molina, Diego Alarcón, Florencia Romero | Guest Band: Santaferia | Set Design: Taller La Patogallina | Costumes: Antonio Sepúlveda | Art Direction: José Miguel Carrera | Sound Technician: Pablo Riveros | Lighting Technician: Tomás Bugueño | Production: Lorena Ojeda S. | Director of Photography: David Bravo | Technical Coordination: Cristián Reyes | Editing: Vicente Gana | Assistant Director: Josefina Troncoso | Sound: Miguel Gálvez | Sound Assistant: Angello Rojas | Cameramen: Antonio Sanhueza, Cristián González, Patricio Herrera, Rubén Ceballos | Camera Assistant: Benjamín Cortés | Electrical Chief: Willie Leiva | Assistant: Benjamín Cortés | Technical Audiovisual Production: Fin Comunicaciones | General Production: Pablo Herrera Aguirre | Production: Álvaro González Ortiz | Technical Coordination: Mauricio Hartard | Technical Assistant: Jorge Reyes | Camera Assistant: Diego Vignolo | Camera Trailer: Mauricio Gorget | Trailer Editor: Juan Palo Cofré | Photographer: Magdalena Chacón | Production/Direction Fundación Teatro a Mil: Evelyn Campbell Derderián | Field Production Fundación Teatro a Mil: Claudia Fres | Collaborators: Ceina, Fundación Neruda

Martín Erazo


An unmistakable language

Martín is the founder and artistic director of Colectivo La Patogallina, co-director and co-founder of the sound intervention company Teatro del Sonido, co-director of FITKA (Festival de Teatro de Calle/Street Theater Festival) and director of the performing arts festival Festine de Isla Negra. He has directed shows in Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia, as well as massive events such as the opening of the the Altazor Awards, the renaming ceremony of the Victor Jara Stadium, and the opening and closing ceremonies of Santiago a Mil in 2015 and 2017.

Vicente Sabatini

Audiovisual Director

A key name in Chilean TV

Sabatini (born in 1953), who is a Chilean television producer, director and executive in TVN, is inseparably linked to the golden age of Chilean drama productions in the 80s, 90s and 2000s. In 1991, he assumed the general direction of TVN's Drama Area to lead some of the most successful “telenovelas” in the history of TV, such as Sucupira, Iorana, La Fiera, Pampa Ilusión and El circo de las Montini, among others. He has also directed the Viña del Mar and El Huaso de Olmué Festivals, as well as the Teletón.

Víctor Carrasco


Una fusión de lenguajes

La Patogallina

The company

Artists portraying Chile's history

The collective is one of the most important ensembles of the Chilean theater scene, with more than 20 years of trajectory dedicated to the rescue of popular and street theater. They have developed a language of great acting, sound and visual energy and usually deal with current themes, mostly related to Chile’s history. They have participated in festivals in Europe, America and Asia, and have staged shows such as El húsar de la muerte (2001) and Paloma ausente (2017), among others.

-Because it is especially designed to capture the interest of the new generations, with a pop aesthetic and typical elements of urban culture. Nonetheless, the text fully respects Pablo Neruda's version of Shakespeare's play.

-Because, according to the director of the play, Martín Erazo, this is the first time that La Patogallina takes the challenge of expanding its work to the audiovisual area, giving its creation an unmistakable language of its own. This is a trait that can be appreciated not only in the aesthetics of the characters, but also, for example, in the action scenes and in the incorporation of live music into the staging.

William Shakespeare: English playwright and poet (1564-1616), an undisputed classic of universal literature and theater, and a master when it comes to portraying feelings such as pain, betrayal, love and jealousy in his characters. It is for this reason that his plays -Hamlet, King Lear, Othello, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream, among others- are still in full force and are read and performed all over the world.

-Watch the interview that Teatroamil.tv conducted with Martín Erazo, where he reviews the milestones of his career with La Patogallina

-Check out the YouTube channel of the La Patogallina Collective


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