Te invito a mi (súper) fiesta

By Los Contadores Auditores

  • Spanish
  • 10 chapters lasting 5 minutes each
  • + 5 years

A group of superheroes from all over Chile are invited to a surprise party. They soon discover, though, that it is all a trick orchestrated by the most-feared villain in the south. To beat her and escape, they will have to work together.

Chile’s top superheroes come together to celebrate one of their friend’s birthdays at a big surprise party. Among the guests are Greda Garbo from Pomaire, who can turn her enemies into clay; Astronomi-K, a scientist who can see everything, from the most microscopic details to the furthest stars; Chica Torniquete, a teenage K-Pop fan with incredible aerobic skills; Magollanes from Tierra del Fuego, who can control the wind and the fabulous Monstera, a sweet grandmother who can talk to plants.

As they arrive at the party, the superheroes realize that something is not quite right: the celebration they were invited to is actually a trap set up by La Tóxica, the most-feared villain in the south.

Her evil plan aims to get rid of the superheroes once and for all, locking them up and making them carry out impossible tests. They can only escape if they learn to work together.

Written and directed by: Los Contadores Auditores | Cast: Gabriel Cañas, Carla Casali, Jacinta Langlois, Verónica Medel, Cecilia Herrera, Catalina Osorio and Carlos Donoso | Artwork: Daniela Frésard | Audiovisuals: Alex Waghorn | Produced by: Daniela Moraga | Music: Ricardo Zavala.

Los Contadores Auditores

The company

This artistic duo is made up of Felipe Olivares and Juan Andrés Rivera, theater designers who graduated from the University of Chile. With creative interests ranging from humor and pop theater to culture for the masses, they have premiered more than 15 productions over a career spanning 12 years. As theater designers, they have taken part in numerous theater projects with outstanding companies and directors such as Bonobo and La Mala Clase. In 2019, together with Rocío Hernández, they curated the award-winning installation Monstruos Menores, which represented Chile at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.

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