By Bonobo

  • Spanish with English subtitles
  • 60 minutes [19:00 - 20:00]
  • + 14 years

Warning Only accredited PLATEA 22 participants, registered in advance

Before and after the performance, we’ll find out more about the new Espacio Checoeslovaquia.

A middle-class family has spent years building up a family business that has become an important company in the city where they live, making them quite rich. This family-owned business has set a high standard because of its inclusive and non-discriminatory policies in a setting where this kind of approach is lacking. However, this family’s pride and liberal values are threatened when they discover that they have a long-lost sister who was raised in a completely different environment. Enigmatic and one-of-a-kind, she exposes both their prejudices and a type of violence this family believed to be extinct.

Themis - whose name refers to the Greek god of justice and fairness - is a strange, bourgeois drama starring democratic and liberal twenty-first-century citizens. In this play, the cracks start appearing in the fiction with the appearance of barbarians, cyclops, and satyrs. These are savage beings driven out of a democratic state, who prevent any telling of citizen dramas in a country torn apart by social violence, where the democratic model has - paradoxically - become an excellent way to perpetuate and normalize the status of those who are citizens and those who are barbarians.

Themis is the third part of a trilogy that is also made up of Donde Viven los Bárbaros and Tú Amarás. It questions liberal democracies’ ideas of inclusion and empathy, where forced identity politics decide which groups should be invited to take part in a democratic state. What could have been a deep and meaningful story about a middle-class Chilean family with liberal values turns, in Themis, into a nightmare in which the barbarians put an almost unbearable strain on the values that this family considered unshakeable.

Script by: Pablo Manzi | Cast: Gabriel Cañas, Carlos Donoso, Paulina Giglio, Marcela Salinas, Guilherme Sepúlveda and Gabriel Urzúa | Set, costume and lighting design: Felipe Olivares and Juan Andrés Rivera | Music: Camilo Catepillán | Produced by: Horacio Pérez | Directed by: Andreina Olivari and Pablo Manzi | Coproduced by: Espacio Checoeslovaquia | Play financed by a Fondart grant.

Synopsis (English)

Compañía Bonobo

The company

Bonobo is a theater group that was founded in 2012 by Andreina Olivari and Pablo Manzi. Basing their work on collective creation, improvisation and research, they have consolidated themselves as one of the most internationally-recognized Chilean companies, as well as having received several awards in Chile and abroad. To date, they have premiered three plays: Amansadura (2013), Donde Viven los Bárbaros (2015) and Tú Amarás (2018), which have been performed in Japan, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden, the United States, Brazil, Peru and Mexico, as well as in several Chilean cities.

They are currently working on their fourth production, Themis, which will be premiered in April 2022 at the Chilean National Theater.



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