Imagine the future, create the future

We would like to invite you to be part of this incredible celebration of the arts and culture in Chile and Latin America from January 3-23, 2022. Enjoy our entire program and share its content on social media using the hashtag #ImagineCreateFutures..

Not only has the pandemic changed our way of life and how we interact with others, but it has also made us stop and take a look at ourselves. We have had to find ways to deal with times of crisis and uncertainty, reinventing ourselves and carving out ways to move forward.

As a result, we are rethinking everything about our lives, society and the country, and art is an excellent way to do this. It offers an unprecedented opportunity to convey an inspiring message and to reinforce the need for community: if there is a future, there is hope.

As part of the framework of society and as a provider of opportunities for people to come together, the performing arts have shown just how essential they are to keeping us connected. It is in this scenario that the XXIX version of the Santiago a Mil International Festival, which will be held between January 3-23 2022, extends its invitation to celebrate the importance of the arts in people’s lives.

​We are getting ready for live performances again by adopting a gradual, step by step strategy to open up theaters and use public areas according to health and safety guidelines and to demonstrate that culture is a safe place like no other.

A hybrid, multiplatform and transdisciplinary festival

with a live program in different territories and a digital one on TEATROAMIL.TV and with a wider reach through public television.

Descentralization and a countrywide presence

thanks to the regional and Creative Territories programs, which include productions created by local artists from 15 different regions.

A free family-orientated program

with shows by important Chilean and foreign figures and groups, inviting communities to meet up together in public areas.

International cocreations

with outstanding world figures and groups crossing borders to work with Chilean artists in high-quality pieces that deal with trending topics.

A selection of chilean theater and dance

from 2021, chosen by our Chilean juries.

The 2022 version of the festival includes a program based on more than a dozen different themes, reflecting what is at the heart of the performing arts today.

ART AND MEMORY: Stories that leave their mark on our identity

In a journey through a past that defines us because of its memorable, unsettling or painful episodes, we also pay homage to different characters that have left their mark on our culture and to great figures from the world of theater.

LATIN AMERICA TODAY: A look at the continent’s creations

We go right to the heart of the performing arts today in this selection of productions that conveys the realities, concerns and trending topics in our neighboring countries.

DANCE WITHOUT BORDERS: Reflections in movement

A selection of avant-garde pieces and trending topics from Chile and the world come together in an interesting blend of artistic styles that is a feast for the eyes.

RADIOTHEATER: Listen with your eyes closed

These stories revive a type of theater that is meant to be listened to, including family-orientated Chilean productions and others that deal with trending topics.

NEW STYLES: Multiple ways of telling a story

These Chilean and international creations broaden the horizons of the performing arts, incorporating transmedia technology and providing us with different ways of experiencing a performance.

THE BEAT ON THE STREET: Taking over public areas once again

These productions are based on trending topics, full of nostalgia and rhythm, in synch with what the city and its inhabitants are feeling.

CREATIVE TERRITORIES: The whole of Chile connected through art

As well as paving the way to new forms of collaboration, this program aims to encourage Chilean artistic creations through regional group curations that have ended up choosing 15 plays that explore different formats, issues and styles and which will be performed in January from Arica to the Magellan Strait.

NOT SUCH AS CLASSIC: Theater greats on the small screen

Four classics - one from Chile and the other three from abroad - are brought to the stage by some of today’s most outstanding Chilean companies, who have adapted their specific artistic styles to television. Under the audiovisual direction of Vicente Sabatini and adapted for theater by Víctor Carrasco, this project involves the creative minds behind some of the most popular television series in our country, such as Sucupira (1996), La Fiera (1999) and El circo de las Montini (2002).

FEMINISM AND DISSENT: Giving things new meaning in changing times

Tales based on true stories, powerful testimonies and Chilean and international greats all feature in these productions that talk of the reality of the LGTBIQ+ community, the undermined role of women in history and the progressive reformulation of the concept of masculinity.

MUCH-NEEDED DISCUSSIONS: Issues that move us

From the deaths at the Sename children’s homes to the dilemmas caused by the spread of technology, this is a roundup of the issues that concern us as a society, approached from the perspective of theater, dance and performance.

CHILE IN CONCERT: Three tributes to musical memories

Live shows highlight the importance of Chilean music and dive into the rhythms and melodies of native America, reviving our musical heritage.

ANCESTRAL STORIES: Introspection that takes us back to our roots

These stories about pre-Hispanic cultures and productions are based on the work of female Mapuche poets and on the cracks in this ethnicity’s masculinity, in a selection that pays tribute to the native inhabitants of our land.

MORE THAN RELATIVE: A chance to meet up

These are mostly live shows with free entry, developed mainly to be held in public. Their powerful stories are brought to the stage through disciplines like theater, dance, music and circus.

LITERARY AIRS: From book to stage

Inspiring stories and characters from world literature are the basis for new theater creations with a life and meaning all of their own.

THE DIFFERENT SIDES OF LOVE: Groundbreaking approaches to something universal

This date with unfinished, fleeting and torturous love affairs brings together avant-garde and critically acclaimed productions under the direction of some of the greats of theater, opera and ballet.

SHAKESPEARE FOREVER: Six avant-garde offerings

Cinematographic and thematic nods to what is going on in the world today bring this English playwright into the twenty-first century, with productions unanimously acclaimed by critics - three of them by the British Royal Shakespeare Company - being broadcast on Teatroamil.tv, as well as the live performance of the most recent work by English maestro Peter Brook, using a Chilean cast.

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