Directed by Guillermo Calderón

  • Spanish
  • 27 minutes (10 chapters lasting between 1-4 minutes)
  • + 15 años

One of the students who took part in an open-air dance class is murdered. The investigation into the crime triggers a melodrama of contemporary concerns.

This 10 chapter web series was created by renowned Chilean playwright, director and screenwriter, Guillermo Calderón. The starting point for Aldea is a dance student’s mysterious murder and the subsequent investigation into this crime. The inquiries into this case reveal some of the contemporary concerns of our times, turning Aldea into a melodrama.

Directed by: Guillermo Calderón | Assistant director: Ximena Sánchez | Cast: Camila González, Francisca Lewin, Andrea Giadach, María Paz González, Alain Cantillo, Carlos Ugarte, Luis Cerda | Director of art and wardrobe: Manuela Mege | Make-up: María Landeta | Director of photography: David Bravo | Head electrician: Willie Leiva Améstica | Assistant electrician: Emiliano Bravo Rubina | Camera assistant: Juan Millán Costa | Sound engineer: Andrés Polonsky | Making of: Benjamín Cortés | Mics: Joseph Addison Smith Fernández | Transport: Luis Reinoso | Staging: David Bravo | Image post-production: Blume Producciones | Sound post-production: Edición Hernán Severino | Mixing: Andrés Polonsky | With thanks to: Jorge Lozano Cristóbal Valenzuela, the Municipality of La Reina and Parque Mahuida.

Guillermo Calderón


A playwright, scriptwriter and theater director (Santiago, 1971), Calderón is one of the most international figures in contemporary Chilean theater. In 2006, he cofounded Teatro en el Blanco, writing and directing Neva and Diciembre. Then came works such as Clase, Villa, Discurso, Escuela, Kuss, Beben and Mateluna. He directed Beben and Kuss at the Dusseldorf Schauspielhaus; Goldrausch at the Basel Theater and Neva at New York’s Public Theater. In 2017, the Royal Court Theater out on his play B. His work has been presented in more than 25 countries and, in film, he has worked on the scripts of Violeta se fue a los cielos and Araña by Andrés Wood, as well as El club, Neruda and Ema by Pablo Larraín


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