We promote producing, touring and project exchange opportunities to boost the performing arts, going beyond multiple borders.


PLATEA is an opportunity for performing arts professionals to meet up, aimed at helping Chilean artists and companies tour abroad. Its strategy aims to help ideas circulate, put projects together and inspire collaborative networks.

Over time, PLATEA has managed to increase the number of alternatives available for producing, distributing and performing different artistic projects, consolidating itself as a key player for promoting contemporary performing arts both in and beyond Latin America.

Platea’s vision is to make the contemporary performing arts in Chile and Latin America a crucial part both of the global arts dialogue and of the crossover into today’s society.


Aimed at setting up meetings and collaborative networks between programmers from all over the world, the first version of the Southern Cone Performing Arts Fair (FESUR, 2001-2013) was held in 2001, as part of the Santiago a Mil Festival. This initiative grew and grew until, in 2014, it turned into what is today known as PLATEA.

Since then, PLATEA – the Santiago a Mil Festival’s Programmers Week has been held every January as an opportunity for creative exchange between artists, companies, theater and festival artistic directors, cultural collaboration institutions and performing arts producers from all over the world. We have created a showcase for the Latin American performing arts, with new collaborative projects, international coproductions and tours in more than 40 countries and more than 800 performances held at important theaters and cultural centers on five continents.

To promote touring within Chile, PLATEA has organized the Chilean Programmers Event since 2015, an activity developed in the framework of the Teatro Hoy season. Its aim is to strengthen links, share good practices and create pieces as a result of the networking between representatives from theaters, centers and cultural locations throughout Chile.

PLATEA has received support from institutions such as CORFO and ProChile. The NODO-CORFO project was held between 2016 and 2017 as an initiative to run a new line of training workshops, aimed at taking plays abroad for artists interested in new opportunities to export and perform their projects.

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