By Elisa Zulueta | Directed by Álvaro Viguera

  • Spanish
  • 35 minutes
  • + 18 years

Actress Delfina Guzmán stars in this moving monologue about old age, solitude and death.

Outstanding Chilean director Álvaro Viguera brings this new text by Elisa Zulueta to the stage. Actress Delfina Guzmán plays Lupe, a 92-year-old woman who talks about old age, solitude and death. “If God’s in charge of all this crap, he should have figured out that we want to bow out early”, says Lupe, who tries to convince her daughter Lucía to help her end her own life. In a letter, she tells her dauhgter about the aches and pains caused by old age and how boring and trivial her life has become. She doesn’t want to carry on living and wants to make a dignified exit before things get worse. In a sad yet amusing story, Aliento sifts through memories, confessions from the past and the desolation of the present. Lupe is weighed down by physical decline, solitude and uselessness and, feeling that she’s hardly been able to decide anything during her lifetime, has now made a decision she can’t carry out on her own.

Written by: Elisa Zulueta | Directed by: Álvaro Viguera | Cast: Delfina Guzmán | Producer: Antonia Santa María | Coproduced by: GAM.

Álvaro Viguera

El director

Behind important Chilean and international classics

An actor, theater director and teacher, he’s widely recognized for bringing scripts by important Chilean and foreign writers to the stage in works such as Cock, Sunset Limited, Pulmones, El cepillo de dientes, El zoológico de cristal and the trilogy made up of Happy End, Tío Vania and Todos eran mis hijos. His most recent piece has been the adaptation of El misántropo by Molière. As an actor, he has taken part in productions such as Gladys, Fin del eclipse and Querida Elena. He has also explored cinema, winning the award for Best Director at Sanfic 2012 for his film Pérez.

Elisa Zulueta


Intimate yet everyday stories

The writing of Elisa Zulueta (1981) - actress, director and playwright - is based on family-orientated and intimate stories, highlighting personal details and the relationships between different people. She won praise for her play Gladys (2011) and she’s already worked with Álvaro Viguera and Delfina Guzmán on another monologue, La grabación. Pérez and Mía are some of her other plays.

–To see actress Delfina Guzmán, one of the performers to have made a mark on contemporary theater, back on stage.

–To see this new piece by the Viguera-Zulueta duo, who have worked together on several occasions (on Gladys, Pérez) and who have come together again for La grabación, also starring Delfina Guzmán.


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