Colectivo total e inmediato de una inminente salvación terrestre

By Tim Crouch | Directed by: Jesús Urqueta | A GAM production, sponsored by the British Council

  • Spanish
  • 80 minutes
  • + 14 years

One of the latest plays by British author and director Tim Crouch. Presented through a performative format that unites everyone in the theater: going through a picture book, in a sort of common ritual.

Colectivo Total e Inmediato de una Inminente Salvación Terrestre is one of the last plays premiered by the British author and director Tim Crouch. It shows his peculiar signature: a moving creation that reduces the theatrical event to its purest form, an encounter between the actor and the audience.

The play, directed by Jesús Urqueta, is presented through a performative format that unites everyone in the theater: going through a picture book, in a sort of common ritual.

The play is based on three narrative pillars: the story of a man who manipulates a group of people; the past of a family that has been estranged; and the tale of a mother who goes on a quest to find her daughter. The plot allows the audience to share an experience in the same place where they are made to believe something that is not true. Therefore, they are to question their own autonomy, independence and truth.

The audience will have in their hands a book, with texts and illustrations, which will complement the scenic experience. Each person will go through an internal -and collective- journey that will transport them through several feelings and stimuli, provoked by the characters played by the cast. In a silent pact with the rest of the spectators, the audience can choose to participate or just observe in order to enter an unknown zone in an analogy to the contemporary world stage.

The play is an experience that questions the end of this world to open the beginning of a new one.

Author: Tim Crouch | Illustrator: Rachana Jadhav | Book Layout: Diego Castillo | Director: Jesús Urqueta | Assistant Director: Camila Lebert | Translation: Constanza Brieba | Cast: Lorena Bosch, Jaime Omeñaca and Belén Herrera | Integral Design: Catalina Devia | Sound Design and Original Composition: Álvaro Pacheco | Performance, Arrangements and Sound Design: Gypsies&Pirates Simón Mancisidor- Álvaro P |Cellist: Valentina del Canto | Vocal Advisor: Carolina Larenas | Production Assistant: José Manuel Aguirre | A GAM Production, sponsored by the British Council

*Original production by the National Theatre of Scotland in association with the Royal Court Theatre, Teatro do Bairro Alto, Lisbon and Attenborough Center for the Creative Arts (ACCA). The play is part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2019.

Jesús Urqueta


Jesús is an actor, academic and theater director. He directs the company Teatro Versión Oficial, with whom he addresses political issues and events of the last 40 years of Chilean history. Along with the company he has developed the project “Chile: pentalogía teatral fragmentada del bicentenario”. Among its five pieces, he directed the first three productions H (honor), Ele (la oficina) and C (civil), as well as signing as the author of the last two. He has also produced arrangements as an independent director such as Taská (2013), Prefiero que me coman los perros (2017) and Cuestión de principios (2018). He exercises as an academic at various universities and theater schools.

(c) Eoin Carey

Tim Crouch


Tim Crouch is an Obie Award-winning dramaturge, director and theater maker. He began his career as an actor - and still continues to perform at times – before moving into playwriting. His work includes texts that have been presented at the National Theatre of Scotland, the Edinburgh Festival, the Royal Court, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Unicorn Theatre, among others. He has also been part of the Off-Broadway circuit. In addition, he created and co-wrote Don't Forget the Driver, a six-part series for BBC2, which won the prize for Best TV Comedy at the 2019 Venice TV Awards.

"The book is like a big bible that guides everything that happens in fiction and staging. From that rigidity, I took liberties such as the sound universe, certain rhythms, pauses and spaces for the viewer to make their own decisions entering and leaving the fiction. Although it is a British vision, I put intention in a Latin American emotionality for the interpreters. The play is an emotional journey where each performance will be different, and the experience will be different for each person". Jesús Urqueta, director

"The title is great, and so are the variables that are handled in the present production, they are also very broad. It is a very special, apocalyptic journey, where the future and the past come together. An entertaining play with several layers of reality.” Jaime Omeñaca, actor


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