Justicia Inconclusa

By Teatro Gabinete | Directed by Fabiola Matte

  • Spanish
  • 40 minutes
  • + 15 años

Warning **Cupos limitados: 40 personas máximo.

A much-needed production that reflects on the relationship between the State and native people.

Justicia inconclusa is an interactive theater project for a single spectator that reflects on the relationship between the State and native people and how the police operate. Using Teatro Gabinete, an online dynamic created for a one-person audience, this piece is an invitation to reflect interactively on two of the main issues behind the social uprising. During a face-to-face dialogue with the actors, the spectator is also asked to consider legal institutions’ functions, structure and logic and to pose questions directly without being judged. They are part of the experience - along with the cast - right to the end. The play is based on actual personalities and aims to draw up a list of suggestions from the public on this, the eve of the writing of the new Constitution.

Cast and crew

Directed by: Fabiola Matte | Written by: Teatro Gabinete | Cast: Víctor Montero and Mario Soto

Fabiola Matte

The director

Founder of the Cabinet Network

With a degree in acting from the Catholic University and studies at the Ernst Busch Hochschule in Berlin, she works as a teacher, director and actress. Together with Leonardo Medel, she founded the Cabinet Network, directing Vecino, Visita, Censo, Familia Caso I and Forum in this format. She stage-managed the dramatic concert of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Santiago Municipal Theater, directing Héctor Noguera and Tita Iacobelli. In 2019, she directed her first family opera, El Oro del Rhin, which was named Best Family Opera that year by the Critics’ Circle.

Víctor Montero

Actor and writer

Someone who stands out in film, theater and TV

This actor, teacher, playwright and theater director graduated in theater acting from the University of Chile’s Theater School. As an actor, he has worked on Coronación, Cinema-utoppia and Los padres terribles and cabinet-format plays such as Familia Caso I and Visita. He has performed in movies such as Pacto de fuga, Sábado and Mi mejor enemigo. As a director, he has been in charge of the productions Facho, I know you, E-ejército and I-indios.

Mario Alejandro Soto Oliva

Actor and writer

A vocation for street theater

This actor and theater director from the Catholic University has been a member of different theater companies, such as Chilean Business, La Gran Reyneta, Royal de Luxe, Gabinete and La Dramática Nacional. He is currently director of La Gran Reyneta and also collaborates with different theater companies and creators. He also works on promoting street theater and the use of public areas for artistic and cultural activities.

On Instagram, @teatrogabinete


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