Las vacas, mis ojos detrás de la ventana

By Gran Circo Teatro

  • Spanish
  • 55 minutes

With a powerful all-women cast, this new piece by Gran Circo Teatro tells the story of a group of victims of gender violence who take justice into their own hands.

This production is the collective reaction of a group of women dealing with abuses of power in a patriarchal and macho society. It makes short work of the idea of women as victims who are led straight to the slaughterhouse. A sisterhood rises up given a desolate reality in which there are no official bodies to support women, and they turn assassin in order to carry out a female kind of justice. Written by Antonio Jerez Pérez from Tocopilla, this piece is directed by Ingrid Leyton Acosta and performed by Micaela Sandoval Ramírez, María Elena Ovalle Guzmán, Thais Ferrada Núñez and Rosa Ramírez Ríos.

Company: Gran Circo Teatro | Written by: Antonio Jerez Pérez | Directed by: Ingrid Leyton | Cast: Rosa Ramírez Ríos, Micaela Sandoval Ramírez, María Elena Ovalle, Thais Ferrada Nuñez | Lighting design and musical compilations: Alejandro Gutiérrez Rojas | Graphics and technical assistant: Verónica Rojas Torrejón | Assistant choreographer: Paulina Abarzúa Sáez | General producer: Mauricio González Morales.

Gran Circo Teatro

The company

40 years of great quality theater

Gran Circo Teatro is a Chilean theater group that has been together since the end of the eighties. It was founded and directed by Andrés Pérez and is the most popular theater group of the last few decades. After the death of Andrés Pérez on January 3, 2002, the company was directed by his widow, Rosa Ramírez, one of the company’s original members. That same year, the group created and performed the street theater piece Estanislao Lao: héroe nacional in the company’s big top, located on Vicuña Mackenna Avenue (at the site where the Violeta Parra Museum can now be found). This was premiered a year after the death of Pérez as part of a theatrical carnival the company organized. The group runs a cultural center bearing its name in the República neighborhood of Santiago, where they hold workshops, functions and theatrical exhibitions.

—It deals with an issue that is extremely relevant at the moment and that is at the forefront of discussions today - gender violence and how ineffective legal and political policies are to reduce it.

—It is an opportunity to see Rosa Ramírez - an emblematic Chilean theater performer and one of the play’s stars - on stage again.

Watch the trailer of Las vacas, mis ojos detrás de la ventana on YouTube.


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