Le Scriptographe

Directed by Ezequiel García-Romeu | A Théâtre de la Massue production

  • Spanish
  • 60 minutes

A blank piece of paper from a far-off land is unrolled on a table. During each function, the most peculiar daydreams of the play’s characters are recorded on it.

From French director Ezequiel Garcia-Romeu comes this play starring puppets and presented as an automatic visual writing workshop that aims to break down time and opinions. Le Scriptogaphe involves a table on which a blank piece of paper from a far-off land is unrolled and on which, during each function, the most peculiar daydreams of its characters are recorded.

How do the stars react to this temptation? Will they try and buy back time with the flow of ink? What is the aim of all this? Le Scriptographe is performed to the audience as a way of bringing hypnotic daydreams to the present, reflecting the fantasy world that emerges from them and, in the process, fascinating anyone who witnesses this dreamlike act.

Directed by: Ezequiel García-Romeu | Performed by: Ezequiel Garcia-Romeu | Technician: Thierry Hett | Produced by: Frédéric Poty

©Martine Lesaout

Ezequiel García-Romeu


This French-Argentine director, playwright, puppeteer, set designer and teacher is currently artistic director of the Théâtre de la Massue in Nice, France. His hallmark is looking for new theatrical styles and the crossover between literary adaptations, puppetry, education and new technology. He has worked as an associated director at different French theaters such as the Théâtre Granit-Scène National in Belfort, the Théâtre de la Manufacture-Centre Dramatique National in Nancy and the Théâtre de la Commune, Centre Dramatique National d'Aubervilliers.


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