Maleza, un cuento en teatro animación

Directed by Muriel Miranda and Hugo Covarrubias | A production by Maleza

  • Spanish
  • 45 minutes

A thriller using animation theater and stop motion that tells the story of Ana, a young girl who lives in the south of Chile and tries to flee confinement and abuse.

Maleza, un cuento en teatro animación is a story told using animated theater and stop motion. This thriller tells the tale of Ana, a young girl who lives confined to a house in the south of Chile. Her life is marked by her father’s death and her mother’s madness and abuse. To escape confinement, Ana goes to her friend Clara and together they search for a way to escape. A distinctive feature of this production is in the interaction between two disciplines - theater and animation - to show two different realities: animation represents what goes on in Ana’s mind and the theater scenes are the physical - but no less twisted - representation of reality. Puppets and human beings tell this story at the same time: theater and animation complement each other and the actresses do voice overs and create background noises for the animation. The piece is based on the interaction between the actresses and the projections, which take the audience to different places and enhance the performance.

Cast and crew

Original idea: Muriel Miranda, María José Siebald and Hugo Covarrubias, based on a text by Karen Bauer | Written by: Muriel Miranda and Hugo Covarrubias | Script collaboration: Paula Aros | Directed by: Muriel Miranda and Hugo Covarrubias | Animation director: Hugo Covarrubias | Cast: Muriel Miranda, Paula Aros and Camila Miranda | Lighting design and 2D animation: Sebastián Ríos | Music: Ángela Acuña, Diego Noguera and Maleza | Sound design and music editing: Pablo Otárola | Voice of the animation: Ricardo Contesse | Staging: Hugo Covarrubias and Muriel Miranda | Set creation: Camilo Retamal | Wardrobe: Muriel Miranda | Produced by: Muriel Miranda.


The company

Directed by Muriel Miranda and Hugo Covarrubias, Maleza stands out for experimenting with a style that they themselves call theatrical animation: a transdisciplinary method that blends theater and stop motion animation to tell stories in which actors and puppets interact and talk. Maleza researches and looks closer into the audio possibilities of its narratives, working on dubbing and sound effects similar to those in radio theater in some of its plays and putting a traditional yet automatic hallmark on their work at the same time.

This company usually deals with issues such as isolation, madness and solitude, working with elements of fantasy and unreality to create an inner journey into the minds of its stars.


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